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Feb 2, 2017
I understand that my dad being an alumni of the USNA helps to some extent. However, does his time served play a role? Would the difference of a captain to a lt. cmdr affect their decision. Thanks
How much does an alumni parent actually help?

To the extent of my knowledge, it is roughly equivalent to being an Eagle Scout. There are 50 or 60 naval academy students a year with parents who are alumni.
None of us work in admissions, so we don't know the factors considered in the WCS. Quoting someone's opinion from a prior thread is not a valid reference. Does the application actually ask if any relative previously attended USNA (they can't guess if you are related to someone else named Smith/Jones/Williams or other common family names)? Even if it does, you don't know if admissions places ANY value on that.
Does the application actually ask if any relative previously attended USNA?

And how far back would they go - my Great-Uncle was in the class of 1928 (I think) and was the flight officer on the deck of the USS Wasp during WWII. But I doubt that would matter much for my DS' application!
For what it's worth, in at least the past few years on this forum, I recall reading posts from more than a couple of USNA alumni expressing
disappointment that their son or daughter did not receive an appointment.
I've seen well-qualified children of flag officers not be admitted. I've seen classmates whose kids weren't admitted. I've had classmates have one child turned down and another admitted. I know alums who've had 3 or 4 of their kids admitted.

Having a relative who's a grad isn't likely to make a material difference in your application. It's about you, not the person/people to whom you're related.
It is a question on the application, but it adds little to no value to the WCS. DD's roommate is an admiral's daughter - she made it on the second go. (and to his credit - when he shows up on the Yard - he is in civilian clothes so as not to be considered anything else but a Dad of a Mid)

Very clearly, it is not a traditional school where legacy matters.