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    Hi everyone,
    I am currently a junior at a small private school, and I really want to go to USNA to become a naval aviator. My school actually has a rather large percent of students that apply to the academy and get in. A lot of USNA grads have come from my school relative to other schools around me. My application is slightly worse than other student's applications that I have seen, so I am just curious about what you think of it. I know that whether or not I get in is all circumstantial, and it is up to admissions officers, not you. But I would just like to hear your opinion on my chances of making it.

    Current Classes: (Every class I have taken throughout high school is at least an honors level class.)
    Math: Pre-Calc. I ended this semester with over a 100%, so next year I will probably be taking AP calc. I also stand a good chance at winning a mathematics award in my school this year.
    Science: Advanced Competitive Science, and Advanced Chem. Next year I'll be taking advanced physics, Advanced Competitive Science II, and CAD
    English: American lit
    History: US History I
    Language: Spanish III
    Philosophy: Theology 11a

    Extra Curriculars:
    Varsity Swim Team (9,10) (I have gone to states both years and my relay came in 6th Sophmore year)
    Ultimate Frisbee league (11)
    Varsity Math Team (10,11)
    NHS (11)
    Robotics Team (11) (I'll probably go to world championships this year)
    Math tutoring (11)
    Organizing various fundraisers (9,10,11)
    Programming Competitions (10)
    I have co-developed two iOS apps (9,10,11)
    Lead guitarist of a band (9,10,11)
    Amateur Oneironaut (10,11)

    Math: 730 Reading: 640
    (I will be retaking it to get higher scores)

    Weighted GPA : 3.93
    Class Rank: 19/113

    I'm not too worried about recommendations or the interview. A lot of teachers love me and I will be able to get a good letter of recommendation, and for some reason I am great at interviews. What I am worried about it the CFA. I have a very slow mile time, so that might bring me down a lot.

    Like I said, I know you can't judge whether or not I'll get in, and a my chances of getting in are circumstantial, but if you could tell me what I can improve on, and your opinion if I stand a chance making it, that would be very helpful.
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    You need leadership positions preferably president
    Looks like you dropped sports
    Consider going to boys/girls state and get an elected position

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