USNA Class of 2023 Do-It-Yourself Appointment Thread

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With an always respectful nod to the dearly departed murfthesurf, a former SAF member and mid-dad who started 2021's thread but has passed away, here's a start to the 2023 Self-Reporting thread. It’s past mid-August, and I’ve just seen a post noting an LOA. Time to get this up
and ready for the first appointments!

HOW TO ADD A NAME: This is self-reporting, self-updating and DIY. Mods don't update the list. Kindly posters occasionally do, I may occasionally do, but the burden falls on posters.

This is meant primarily to be a list of appointees, so we can see the class build. If you have a question to ask, it probably deserves its own thread, and this one can stay relatively true to its purpose.

Copy the most recent list, paste into new post, use the next number, enter your info in a similar format, post. If you don’t do this, and just post an entry and not the updated list, you risk the next poster updating the last list, the one without your name, and leaving you stranded.

xxnumber)SAF forum name/self, DD, DS/LOA or No LOA/Notified of Appointment Date/Accepted or Declined or Undecided/Nom sources, including State, MOC or Sen/Other Nominations/via NAPS, Foundation prep, self-prep, college re-applicant or applicant, direct appoint from HS, enlisted

xxnumber)Squiddlypop/DD/No LOA/Oct 7, 2017/Accepted/VA-Sen/Presidential Nom/direct appoint

Note: You can always go back to update by copying the most recent list into a new post, updating your own entry with data such as a new nom, acceptance or declination, etc.

Here’s the link to the Class of 2022, as an example:
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I'm excited and nervous at the same time, nevertheless I'm confident. Hope to see some of you next year :)
Has someone actually already received Appointment? I am guessing this Sam2018 did though I don't see the original thread on this page. I figured none of us would hear until December at earliest.
Use Search to find same-titled thread except for 2022, 2021, etc. The early ones can be Pres noms with complete apps and no DODMERB issues, that the SA felt strongly enough about to not wait for MOC slates.
I'm excited for this year. As a reapplicant, I am looking forward to hopefully putting my name on this list as last year did not work out for me. I am aware there are no guarantees but I am staying optimistic. To all candidates, future appointees, and hopefuls, good luck to all of you and may fortune come your way! It takes a different kind of person and or kid to want to attend such a renown institution. Keep your heads high and never stop shooting for the stars. Again, good luck and God bless! I will hopefully be seeing you all soon in the near future.
I have heard many success stories from re-applicants. My DS has a guy in his Company who got into the class of 2022 on his 3rd try. That is some tenacity, right there.
I met someone who recieved LoA from USCGA, USMA, n USNA in early Aug. USNA would like her to commit with them but she said, she like to visits all 3 academies again before she commit. She did not say which of the 3 is her top pick. She is first time applicant.
It was my understanding that the admissions board for the USNA didn't even meet for the first time until September 1st. This individual had an LOA from 3 service academies in early August? How did she manage that? Is she a recruited athlete? Pretty impressive.
Last year (for instance) the first three appointments posted were:
1) TechFlier7 (18-Sep-2017) with an LOA Presidential Nom.
2) klcm54a (13-Nov-2017) with an LOA Presidential Nom.
3) Johnathan (13-Nov-2017) without an LOA JROTC Nom.
It wasn't until the the 5th page of that thread, that @Hollywood posted that their DD got in on a Supe Nomination on 14 September.
@Hollywood never posted again (still only that one post, to this day), though.
1) Sam2018/DS/LOA/08-24-2018/Undecided/TX-04
2) Academy4me/self/LOA/10-10-2018/Kentucky

Could you clarify what we are seeing here? Have you been offered an appointment, as this is a thread to report if an appointment has been offered, not if an LOA has been received? The format requests nom sources, and I don’t see that. It’s always helpful to see if the Presidentials are starting to flow.

We had the same question for the number one poster, Sam2018, who never returned to respond, so far as I can see. That would have been pretty amazing to see an August appointment.

The preferred DIY format is:

Xnext number in sequence) SAF forum name/are you reporting a formal offer of appointment as self, DD, DS/did you receive an LOA or no LOA prior to the formal offer of appointment/date when were you notified of formal appointment/current status of your decision as to Accepted, Declined, Undecided/what were the noms received from various sources/is the appointee coming direct from HS, or via NAPS, sponsored prep, self-prep, college applicant or re-applicant, enlisted/state if you want to add

These data points help people get a snapshot of various waves of appointments and other insights.
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I received an LOA today. I am very humbled and honored to receive it. I apologize if I didn't respond correctly to this thread.

Congratulations on the LOA! Best wishes for an offer of appointment and for making a decision that’s right for you.
Does anyone know how the Academy decides who they will give LOAs to? Are they given to committed athletes? Do you already have to have a nomination? It looks like everyone who has posted here already has a nomination. Our MOCs in NY haven't even scheduled their interviews yet. I realize the end goal is to receive an appointment, but I was curious if anyone knew what the mechanism was. Thanks
@KP1990, the topic of LOAs has been covered ad nauseum. Please start by using the search function above. Type in “LOA” and you’ll get more info than you can shake a stick at.
Congratulations for your LOA.
Did you completed your application with nominations?
If you completed your application,when was it?
My son completed application without nominations end of the September but still not heard anything.