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    Hello Everyone!

    I finally joined this forum after reading a ton of stuff, and I'm excited to get to interact with those who have gone through this experience! I'm currently a junior in high school, and I just recently (last year or so) became interested in attending or joining something military-based. With a lot of research, I realized that either the USNA or the USAFA should be amazing, and it would be a blessing to be able to attend either. My main question is the difference between the two. I have a friend who is currently applying to the USNA, and he's told me a lot about the process and about what the academy offers. Personally, I am more of the scientific type. I'm 16 years old, female, 105 lbs, and small. I need glasses to correct my vision and I have asthma. My total lack of knowing anyone who has ever been through the academy or any part of the military has left me not knowing if this will affect anything when it comes time to apply, make decisions, etc. Like I said, I'm scientific. I would absolutely love to work at one of the Air Force Research Laboratories or something of the type within the Navy. I've always been drawn to the Air Force, as I love flying, whether I'm inside a plane or skydiving (i've never actually been, but it is one of my biggest dreams). As for my academics, my school doesn't rank, but I have a good GPA, weighted and unweighted, I haven't yet taken the SATs or the ACTs (soon), and I have a lot of APs under my belt with plans for more. I row crew with my team, as well as I am a coxswain for the same team, boys only. I enjoy karate, dancing, singing, physics, aerospace engineering, and piano. I'm a highly active volunteer and leader on my crew team and in choir.
    Reading back over this, I realize it's all very muddled. I don't have a clear understanding of much yet, but I think now is the time to get interested. I'm really excited to hear what people have to say about their experiences. Thanks so much for just reading! -Emma
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    The asthma could be a problem with either academy. I can't claim to be on expert on it but I do know many people have been disqualified for asthma, and some have gotten waivers so they can attend the academy. YMMV.

    As far as which one to attend, many people apply to all the academies. But in terms of your decision making as to whether you would be a good fit at one or the other, you really need to look at Air Force and Navy and determine if those are the right place for you. The Academy is just the beginning. The rubber really hits the road after you graduate and begin to serve. Also, keep in mind that many folks do not get their first choice in terms of what they'll be doing in the service. You need to be willing to serve as an officer in almost any capacity.

    Good luck on your journey. :thumb:
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    I agree with kinnem, asthma is a big issue especially if it is after your 13th birthday.

    I would look on the DoDMERB threads to see what will be the process for you. Part of getting through the process easier is having all of your medical records in order.

    Additionally, I would strongly suggest that you take the PSAT offered in the fall. PSAT is the only way you can be a National Merit Semi/Finalist. It is something every college looks at for selection. To be an NMSF you must be the top 95% in the nation.

    You will read over and over again have a plan B in place. Typically ROTC scholarships are plan B. Unlike an SA, the board is national, not geo-centric tied to your MOCs. Hence, why that PSAT NMSF is a feather in your cap.

    Colleges too use it also for admissions. Take a gander at the college websites, many boast how many students are NMSF/NMF students.

    Finally, I would suggest applying for SLS and NASS this yr. It will give you a better perspective of each SA. I believe those applications open in Dec/Jan time frame. Just use the search function on the site to find when it does open up. You will find a lot of info on the old threads. Right now everyone is more concerned about noms and apptmts.

    Good luck.

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