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    Does anyone ever receive transfer credit or validation for courses taken in community college?
    After reading what it says in the appointee booklet--that most subjects are validated from "accredited four-year colleges"--I would assume the answer is "no," but I figured I would ask around anyway.
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    The short answer. Some classes can be validated. Credits per se aren't transferred in the traditional respect. I.e. you could go to the academy with a bachelor degree already and you're still going to take 4 complete years of classes just like everyone else. But you can validate some classes that can free you up to take other classes. Usually allows you to start off simply taking a higher level class in the same subject you validated. In the long run itight allow for being able to double major or free up time to take another class you wanted that you normally wouldn't have time for. FYI. Typical cadet in 4 years will have more than 140 credits when they graduate. That's even without any validated classes.
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    During the first few days of BCT, you will take placement exams which will help USAFA determine which courses you might have validated and which will not. So, if you have taken through Calc 3 at your local CC or other university, do not necessarily assume that you have validated even Calc I at USAFA. It's just not the same.

    Also, keep in mind that in general, you will NOT choose your coursework at USAFA. Your classes, when you take them and with which instructor, are determined by The Holy Powers above you. You have almost no say in what you're studying when.

    Keep telling yourself: this is not your State Flagship U. It's different.

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