Virtual High School on Application


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Feb 5, 2017
How would the academy view it if I completed high school via Florida Virtual School? I have 3 years left. I want to do virtual school because the regular classes at my school move too slowly. My classmates also aren't serious and slow the class down even more. With virtual school, I would be able to complete courses much faster without the distraction of my classmates. How could this affect getting a nomination? Would it be seen as a negative or positive? I also do a lot of extracurricular activities outside of school, mostly sports. Thanks.
A couple of thoughts:

1. Virtual high school would be viewed similarly to home schooling. You will likely find more information if you search using that term.

2. The academy wants to know how you compare academically to your peers. If your virtual high school work means you are the only one in the class then that may be an issue.

3. The academy wants to know you can compete in a traditional classroom and interact with your peers. It's about creating leaders you know. So if all of your classes are online that might be a draw back.

My Mid homeschooled during high school. For us that meant a combination of classes I directed, classes at community college, and online classes with credentialed teachers and classmates who lived all over. She also did very well on the ACT to give them a benchmark against her peers.