Visiting an AFROTC det


Jan 12, 2015
On Friday I'm visiting the AFROTC detachment at a state university as part of a campus tour. It was arranged through admissions so I haven't had any contact with the unit yet and don't really know what to expect. Is there anything I should look for during the visit to help get a picture of what the det is like? Or any questions I should ask the tour guide (whoever that ends up being)?
The det probably has either a facebook page or a website. I would try reaching out and contacting the the and letting them know that you are coming on a tour through the school. More than likely you'll talk to their cadre and they'll give you the rundown on the whole program. Then maybe take you on a tour of the det and let you speak with some of the cadets and see what their experiences are like, at least that's how it is at my det.
Since it's AFROTC, you might ask historically, what percentage of cadets get selected for SFT. If you're not selected for SFT then you're out of the program.
Late to the party, but for any other poster that is in this situation you should call the det. and ask to speak to cadets that are not only in your intended major, but the career field you want. IE chem eng (TECH) and Intel (non-rated) or Econ (Non-tech) and Pilot (rated).

Do NOT have the folks join you. JMPO, but when the folks join in the party it is more like a dog and pony show.

Another reason to meet cadets is to ask about military organizations, such as Arnie Air, Silver Wings, Angel flight, Honor Guard. GMC nights, etc. ROTC at one school may be more social outside of LLAB and PT compared to another. Some cadets want that extra bonding in ROTC, and some want to enjoy traditional college life.

As Kinnem stated you should also ask about SFT selection rates, especially for your intended major. Non-tech gpa is usually @ 3.3/3.4 whereas tech is @3.0/3.1