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    I was just disapproved for a self mutilation waiver, I know everyone’s going to read that and say that I shouldn’t join anyways, but that’s not what I’m here to hear. My scars were over 10 years ago, regardless - I’ve heard of people requesting appeals for waivers after being denied, and I want to know how to do that or anything else I can do to help.
    I have great ASVAB scores, I’m beyond physically capable. I have nothing that physically or mentally disables me from doing any jobs. People get waivers for drugs, criminal stuff ect I don’t think it’s right to not give me the chance for something cosmetic.

    Also if someone could tell me how to report a recruiter, he’s is honestly helpless and won’t even talk to me about it or even send me the disapproval letter, since I’m no longer “a paycheck”. He withheld information from me, and also told me to lie to meps. If I hadn’t of lied my chances would of probably been greater.
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    Not so sure the military is not letting you in because of cosmetic issues. I’m not the most handsome guy in the world and they let me in. I didn’t need a waiver either.

    It’s probably the underlying reason for the self-mutilation you’re not being allowed to be part of the team. I’m here to tell you self mutilation is not normal.

    Personality disorders such as narcissistic PD, paranoid PD, and borderline PD are DQ for the military. These PDs (and a tinge of schizotypal PD) are somewhat on display by your post now.
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    I'm actually so good looking that a DQ was considered. I did 26 years though.

    As GoCubbies stated, it ain't the scars but why they are there.

    That is why you are in this situation. And, the recruiter does not need to be reported.
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    There are people who had to try three times to get a waiver and eventually succeeded. Don't give up unless there's absolutely no way you can get in and if there's nothing wrong with you anymore then I'm very confident that you could potentially get a waiver. Also I think DoDMERB is easier then MEPS. Here are some inspiring videos about this topic.
    You seem so determined to join the military, that if you get in I think you'll do great. These are the types of people we want in the military. Good luck, let me know how it goes.
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    The only time I’ve seen self mutilation get a waiver is with brands, self-tattoos, etc. Keep trying to get a waiver. The worst they can say is “no”.

    Also, it’s not a “cosmetic” thing...

    A recruiter can choose not work with an applicant.

    I wish you the best of luck in whatever career you pursue.

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    Are you trying to enlist and can't get a waiver? If that's the case you are on the wrong forum and asking the wrong crowd. This forum is for people trying to enter a ROTC program or one of the service academies, neither of which use asvab scores for any reason.
    Secondly, after self mutilation whatever the motivation, did you get medical help for the disorder? What was the treatment, the timeframe and the medical outcome of the treatment?
    As for a recruiter not helping you regardless of how bad you think he's treating you, his command is probably going to issue him a commendation at the very least for not subjecting them to the potential problems down the road, based on your original post.

    Finally, if you truly want this you would be wise to "stow" the victim attitude, own your mistakes and if it don't work out to your satisfaction, learn to move on smartly to another game plan that doesn't involve the military. Not everyone is a fit regardless the desire.
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    As stated before self mutilation is not cosmetic. It is an indicator of a mental disorder. If you have/had a mental disorder that would "mentally disable" you. A recruiter is not required to work with an applicant, and a lot of recruiters will not work with applicants that require a waiver with a low chance of approval.

    If your scars were from a suicide attempt, then you have an extremely low chance of getting a waiver. The reason for that is that those who made attempts in the past are more likely to have issues in the military than those who have not.

    You can report the recruiter, but nothing would happen to him. He is not required to assist you, and if you are DQed, then he can't put you in. You may attempt to speak other recruiters, but most would probably not work with you unless they really needed the enlistment.

    If you are determined to join the military then keep trying, however know that you have a very hard road ahead of you.
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