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    Hello everyone,

    Well at this late in the game I realize my options for what I can do to help out my situation are limited but I was wondering if anyone on here may have some advice or experience with this so here goes...

    This past December I was awarded an ISR Navy option NROTC scholarship, and was extremely excited to be granted the opportunity to begin my path to serve my country... However, as most know this scholarship is also dependent on medical status as well. In the fall of 2015 I had hip arthroscopy on my right hip to fix my FAI and torn labrum (The FAI caused the labral tear). My orthopedic surgeon cleared me with no restrictions and could resume full activity and since then I played football, lacrosse, ran track, ran a half marathon, and a triathlon.

    When I was DQ'd by DoDMERB that was no surprise, however what was a surprise was in April when I was denied my waiver for history of FAI and this labral repair. I quickly ran to three separate orthopedic surgeons who specialize in this procedure, and they all said the same thing: you're fine and I don't know what the heck the military is worried about, your hip will hold. They wrote letters, citing studies, providing XRAYs ect... I submitted this package in May of 2017 and heard back yesterday that BUMED will not be recommending me for a waiver....

    I am determined to prove that my past procedure will not come back to haunt me, due to the fact that the issue that caused the torn labrum was corrected. The fact that this is barring me from serving is truly heart-wrenching. Does anyone know any last ditch efforts to help my case? I realize sometimes it is just the way the cookie crumbles, however I do not plan on giving up until I absolutely have nothing left unsaid.

    Thank you.
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    So sorry this is happening to you.

    You could pick up the phone - organize your thoughts in advance - and contact DODMERB Consulting, a fee-based firm founded by a former DODMERB military MD who knows all the nuances of the process. If you talk with him directly, I suspect he would know whether there is any chance at all of a waiver reconsideration. BUMED is the Navy's highest medical authority and sets Service policy. You may or may not have to pay anything, based on initial consultation.

    I am in no way endorsing this consulting firm, just mentioning as a resource some have used. Google them, as I cannot post their .com link.

    If the final result means no military service, consider serving in another way. The CIA, FBI, DHS, all the big ABC Federal agencies have positions for analysts (non-door-kickers) in a variety of career fields, and have undergrad student internship programs. Google agency name and college student programs. Here's an example:
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