Waiver Pending Review...but not documentation requested

DS was DQ bc of previous shoulder surgery 1.5 years ago. He is a college re-applicant, does ROTC, and plays club hockey. His portal just changed to “Waiver Pending Review” and there was a letter on his USMA portal from his regional commander saying he is a strong candidate and they are having the surgeon review his medical file. It also says it could take 90 days and that a small number of waivers are given. So more of the waiting game. Last year is just stayed at “Pending Waiver Review “ and then eventually the TWE, so DS is happy to get to this step!
Last Year...
1) DoDMERB/USNA requested records last year for shoulder surgery. So does DoDMERB still have them on file? The request to send those records originated from USNA, not USMA.
2) AROTC granted waiver, so DS started AROTC right up in the fall Freshman year.
3) AF Academy granted waiver, too- but never offered appointment
4) USMA & USNA stayed as Waiver Pending Review never changed last year and TWE's arrived in March/April

They have not asked for any records but last year DODMERB did. Would the USMA Surgeon has access to this? Should DS email his regional officer to point out his activities (hockey & ROTC...no limitations due to shoulder)? I know both these activities are mentioned in his application but just want to make sure DS doesn’t leave any stones unturned & they can make a decision based on all info.
Appreciate any wise words of wisdom:)


I would try and get your son back to his surgeon who can certify he is completely healed with no residuals and no restrictions and be ready to upload that in case DoDMerb requests additional records.