Was there a January NROTC board?


Feb 9, 2018
hello, first time posting. My Dd interviewed late December and was told the board would be 3rd week in January and we would hear 1-2 weeks after. We haven’t heard anything and on another thread someone stated that the Jan/Feb boards were cancelled. Has anyone been able to confirm this? Do we have any idea when we will hear?
I don't have any first hand knowledge of the board dates, but just because you haven't heard anything does not mean there was not a board. NROTC only notifies candidates when they are selected for a scholarship. If you are reviewed on a board and not selected, your application is rolled over and considered again on the next board, but you won't receive any notification or status change. Around March, the board will start sending out notices to candidates that they were not selected for a scholarship. If you get one of those notices, it means you will not be considered on any remaining boards. From posts last year, NROTC runs multiple boards per month in March and April as they make their final selections.

Good luck.
... and you may not hear a positive or negative reply until mid-April. Keep working plans B, C, and D. My DS got a negative reply in mid-April but still attended his #1 school and enrolled in the NROTC unit as a college programmer. With hard work and demonstrating leadership and fitness, he won a side-load scholarship in the middle of his sophomore year. God luck to your DD.