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Apr 11, 2007
Hello, My medical waiver was denied for Asthma that I don't even have. What steps should I take to correct this? I worked on a rebuttal statement, but I'm also wondering if it is possible to take some sort of medical evaluation at the Academy when I go up their for USAFA orientation (April 23rd) as a means of strengthening my case.

"D241.30 - Asthma, including reactive airway disease, exercise-induced bronchospasm, or asthmatic bronchitis after the 13th birthday"

While I have experienced asthmatic complications in my lifetime, I never incurred such complications after my thirteenth birthday. When the ALLERGIES QUESTIONIARE form was filled out, the section 4f inquiry for medication regarding asthma medication use was mistaken for an inquiry of allergy medicine, to which was answered, “Seasonal/as needed.” Accidentally, some other parts of the form were incomplete before the form hastily was sent in. I believe this is what led to my DQ... Any advice on this topic would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Since you are currently waiver denied, DoDMERB will not be able to look at any information. Once an applicant's waiver has been denied, then it is up to the waiver authority to change their decision.

Best thing to do is to submit a statement, from yourself, requesting that the waiver authority reverse their decision. The statement should include the history of the disease, what affects it had on you with your activities, what medication you took, when the last symptoms were and when the last time you took medication was. I would also include in your statement the last time you were prescribed medication. If you were prescribed the medication but never took it, explain why the medication was prescribed (going to camp and mom wanted you to have it "just in case").

If you have any additional medical records that were never submitted to DoDMERB I would make sure you include those with your statement. You need to mail this information to DoDMERB requesting that they forward it to the waiver authority. About 5 days after you submit it to DoDMERB contact your admissions officer to let him/her know that you are requesting the waiver authority re-look at your file.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask away.
I still have the option so send DoDMERB a rebuttal, do I not? And also, I got a new disqualification after I sent in more information.

D141.50 - Allergic manifestations, history of anaphylaxis
D241.30 - Asthma/reactive airway disease/exercise induced bronchospasm after age 13
D260.70 - Waiver Denied - AFROTC

This makes no sense at all, I have NO HISTORY OF ANAPHYLAXIS at all. I think the people misread my Remedial, I said I HAVE NEVER been hosipitaliszed or treated for allergies, as my food allergies only yield mild side effects (ie, itching)

As I stated previously, once you have been found waiver denied, DoDMERB can NOT remove that disqualification. Only the waiver authority from that point can change the decision.

As for the anaphylaxis, if when you ingest certain foods, you get hives or itching, that is a systemic allergic reaction to that food, or anaphylaxis.

In the medical records that you submitted to DoDMERB there had to have been a mention of asthma and the allergic reaction to food for DoDMERB to have issued the disqualifications. Again, in the medical records that you submitted there must have been enough information for the waiver authority to deny your waiver for asthma. I would suggest that you follow my recommendation above and write a letter to the waiver authority requesting that they take another look at your file.

You can request that DoDMERB take another look concerning the history of anaphylaxis since the waiver authorities have not made a determination concerning that disqualification.
I see, thank you, I guess I was just confused, because after being DQ'd for asthma in the first place, I wanted to send in a rebuttal, but my admissions counselor said, "Don't do that, apply for a waiver first and if that doesn't get though, then you send the rebuttal." Guess she was wrong.... man, and I had a gut feeling to just send the rebuttal first, but I listened to her. :/

Anyways with the food allergies, the only thing that really happens is I just get itchy/uncomfortable around my throat, mouth, not my skin anywhere else really, and I'm pretty sure I don't break out in hives. Usually, after I have a glass of water, the itching subsides within an hour, and in the first place the itching really isn't of any significance anyways, which is why I was never treated or hospitalized for such allergies. Would it be a good thing for me to clarify this specific situation with DODMERB on submitting my rebuttal for the allergies? So far my draft for the rebuttal is as follows:

"USAFA Appointee Timothy Matthew Trieu

FOR: D141.50 - Allergic manifestations, history of anaphylaxis

I have absolutely NO history of anaphylaxis at all. The medical remedial may have been misread. I recommend the review board re-read the remedial R140.00 carefully. It states very clearly that I have never been hospitalized or treated for allergies. Feel free to check my medical records as well for further clarification. All allergies mentioned result in extremely mild side effects such as itching (In throat/mouth, not skin).

USAFA Appointee,

Timothy Matthew Trieu

Does the above sound sufficient?

Thank you very much for your patience in this matter, as obviously my understanding in this field is limited.


I'm not trying to be negative here, or to dissuade you from trying the rebuttal. I'm going to be honest, and unfortunately honesty is sometimes the hardest route to go.

The oral itching with food is actually more severe than a generalized systemic itching. It is also anaphylaxis. Even though you state it can be controlled by drinking water afterwards, there is the real concern that there may be the one time where water wont help, and besides the itching you'll also have some swelling of the throat which can compromise your airway and affect your breathing. This is why you were disqualified. It doesn't matter that you've never been hospitalized, its the fact that you've had the symptoms at all.

My personal thoughts are that DoDMERB is not going to remove the disqualification. But I have been wrong in the past, and I'm sure I'll be wrong in the future, so what you want to do is to make sure that your statement to DoDMERB explains in detail what food(s) cause the symptoms, how severe the symptoms, how long they last, what treatment you receive, and what you do to avoid the food(s) that cause the problems. If the foods are not that common, then there is a chance, but if the allergic reaction is to a common food the chances go down for both the rebuttal and the waiver.

I hope this helps to clear up what DoDMERB is looking at, and what you need to do. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.

Here is a web site that has some very good information on food allergies, http://www.foodallergy.org/anaphylaxis/index.html.
Yesterday, I ate a bunch of mixed nuts, a mango, and some soy. I was fine, and didn't need to drink any water :) I haven't tried eating that stuff in years, so I tried it recently and I guess I grew out of it, or my dad is right and my mom was just paranoid after all, she tells me allergic to everything, don't even know why I believed her. :biggrin:

so yea, i guess all i have to do now is eat stuff in front of a review board, or go see an allergist and take a test? Either way, I'm feeling pretty good, I think things are looking up.
I would first write the letter to DoDMERB. If DoDMERB decides to sustain the disqualification it will then be forwarded to the waiver authority. They will be the ones to decide if you need additional testing or evaluations.
I'm sorry I never thanked you for your help. I am now a third year cadet at the USAF Academy and while school is quite busy and challenging... I have enjoyed the experience, I got to play war with former SWAT team members, I got to go to Japan for three weeks, I'm flying small propeller aircraft and I've had numerous other unforgettable experiences. Next year I may be skydiving or spending an entire semester in Japan. Needles to say my DoDMERB appeal went through and I was given the green light to enter AFA two weeks before Basic started. Thank you again sir for your guidance.
That is good to go! Thank you for showing a part of your character. Taking the time to go back and say thank you speaks well for you. :thumb:

It's that "attention to detail" that ALL the SA's look for!

This speaks well of this future officer! :thumb:

The last posting is extremely accurate. SAs look for lots of positive traits and attention to detail is just one of these.:thumb:
I'm sorry I never thanked you for your help. I am now a third year cadet at the USAF Academy and while school is quite busy and challenging...

Needles to say my DoDMERB appeal went through and I was given the green light to enter AFA two weeks before Basic started. Thank you again sir for your guidance.

I'm glad I could help you, and I'm glad you were persistent, made it to the academy, and are happy.

Thank you for your kind words!! :thumb: