We are waiting on NROTC first board results...are you?


Sep 1, 2016
My son's interviewing officer said he the first board would be finished on 18 Sept. That's a Sunday... so I don't know if the date is accurate. I know the first board dates for last year were 21-25 Sept with website results around 2 Oct. (This is based on a chart posted in another thread.) So I would imagine that the first board this year either met last week or will meet this week... and maybe sometime the first week of October we could hear something if selected.

So now... we wait.
And stalk the website.
And the forums.
And pray.
And worry.
And plan.

Tell me I'm not alone!
Yes, also waiting. I guess today or tomorrow there should be news for some. In the meantime I'm restraining myself as much as possible to not check the portal every minute.

You're not alone :)
Not alone, I am checking first thing in the morning, and last thing at night and whenever I get a stressful moment!
I hate to do this, but keep in mind that those dates are last year's, and may not even happen. I know, ugh!

Three years ago for first son, we waited and waited and waited and the first board kept getting delayed and didn't happen (I think) til the end of October. As Pima said to me then, when I thought I would lose my mind, "the board will light up like a Christmas tree" when the results are released.

I have the added angst because first son got a 4-yr to his first choice at he first board, so a lot of emotional pressure on myself for second son's feelings.

I'm there with you! Hang in there!
I'm checking a couple times a day... sometimes more if I happen to sit down at my computer. When I see the "no decision" sentence still there, I immediately come over here to see if others are reporting that they have received scholarships... because then I will at least know that the board met. I know I can't count on particular dates but still.. ugh! trying not to be so impatient! LOL!
I can't remember now how many in our area was boarded, (may be 26)but I can tell you no one found out anything until May. Everyone from our specific high school knew by December they were boarded(6) Some of the kids applied for all 3 . It was only Navy that took the longest for a final answer.
Just received an email and then checked the status.....DS2 received a 4 year NROTC scholarship to his first choice school (Notre Dame). Couldn't be happier and so excited.....now for the other challenge....actually getting accepted into that first choice school!
Wow! Congratulations to your DS2. I believe you are the first to report out for NROTC this year. Hope everyone else hears soon.
For those that were notified today, congrats! and may I ask approximately when you applied?
D.S. had everything in by August 28th. Keeping my fingers crossed for everyone else who is still waiting, hope you get some good news very soon!
Could there be hope for this board if we haven't been notified, or is everything sent out at one time?
Congrats to all those who have heard.
Could there be hope for this board if we haven't been notified, or is everything sent out at one time?
Congrats to all those who have heard.

All selection and placement info following a board is generally pushed out at the same time.