Wearing the ACU as a No Contract Cadet


Dec 27, 2016
Hello, I was watching some videos today on the topic of stolen valor and it brought to my attention the question of whether I'm allowed to wear the ACU as a no contract cadet with the ROTC program on lab day? I bought the uniform at a local Army store and already ordered my name tape and ROTC patch. I want to know whether this is legal to do? I saw a couple of upperclassmen at their contracting day and noticed that while the majority of them wore civilian clothing since they haven't been issued any uniforms, some of them were already wearing ACUs, that's why I'm curious on this topic. THanks for any help
Usually the instructions for the lab indicate what non-contracted cadets should wear. Some programs provide items to all cadets but if yours is not one of those programs or if it is and you haven't received your items yet, it would be better to wear regular clothes not what you purchased. For lab that is classroom based it would be slacks/khakis and a polo -for field labs probably something similar that you can get dirty.

Same for PT- wear suitable plain shirt and shorts and plain black or white socks unless otherwise instructed.

Or you could ask one of the Upperclassmen in the program.
Agree with caymandriver07. I don't think you'd be brought up on stolen valor charges if you wore it, but what's appropriate to wear is what's in your units uniform of the day for non-contracted cadets. Don't be THAT guy.
Uniform issuance policy for AROTC varies by battalion. My DS's unit issues ACU's but not ASU or PT uniforms to non contract cadets.

Agree with Kinnem....follow your unit policies and don't deviate.
My son's NROTC unit treats all contract and non contract midshipman the same. They all get the same uniforms and are all expected to wear the uniform of the day when necessary. But, all units are different. Follow the instructions and directions from your chain of command. Don't be THAT guy and stand out by wearing a uniform when everyone else is not.
And you shouldn't have to buy anything. Plus uniforms are switching soon. The things you will end up buying are socks and if you want a better quality boot, but you will be given what you need.
If you are an enrolled cadet, then wearing the appropriate ACUs is fine. Stolen Valor is usually tied with misrepresenting yourself. A cadet dressed as a cadet is expected.
At my Battalion non-contracted Cadets are not allowed to wear any uniforms. Usually the CONOP for the lab will specifically state what non-contracted cadets should wear. It does vary by Battalion from what I understand
My son wasn't contracted for the first two years. He is a senior Afrotc now , but he got a uniform by second semester freshman year