Weekend Visitation


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Oct 20, 2006
I will be attending the 3-day visitation scheduled this month at the academy. Does anyone know what generally goes on during these visitations and/or what I should bring and be prepared to do? Thanks.
you may want to check the other thread. Tons of stuff, multiple threads on CVWs top to bottom.
you will pretty much follow a plebe around and do what they do. i would suggest bringing something to do (i.e. book) in case your plebe needs to study. i was lucky enough to be in a 3 person room with only 2 people in it, so i got my own rack, but ive heard its good to bring some kind of sheet in case you end up sleeping on the floor. dress fairly nice, "business casual" would be a good way to describe your attire. also bring athletic clothes for SMT and pickup sports games.

thats all i can think of right now..
Whoops. Meant to say other forum. Thanks 69.

CollegeConfidential. CVW's are addressed ad nauseum.
Whistle Pig said:
Whoops. Meant to say other forum. Thanks 69.

CollegeConfidential. CVW's are addressed ad nauseum.

I was afraid that is what you meant. IMO, there is entirely too much incorrect information being passed on that forum to recommend it to anyone.
Again, just my opinion, but I feel strongly that it is a valid one.
WP let's not boot people to the "other" forum. :biggrin:

Marine you will be shadowing a plebe and go to his/her classes, sports practices, eat in the dining hall, possibly go to an athletics event, meet with coaches.

Some have suggested bringing a sleeping bag. Usually they have a cot for you. Bring workout gear and maybe a book for down time. Dress is somewhat casual, i.e. khaki's and a collared shirt(polo or oxford).

Good luck and enjoy.

Edit:Three-day? That is different. But essentially you'll be doing the same stuff.
be prepared for the LONG panel discussions and videos that seem to last for hours...because they do.
My son took his graphing calculator to be able to follow the work in class. He ended up only using it to help his exhausted plebe w/ chem and calc homework as a humanitarian gesture.
This brings up a very good point for candidates who haven't decided whether to accept the CVW invitation. My son went to CVW with the attitude that he was not going to attempt to validate anything since he wanted an easy plebe year. He came back from CVW, after sitting through all the classes and finding out that he already knew the subject material, with the attitude that he was going to validate everything he could.
Validate every single thing you can. It will make your life much much better. When I was first accepted and they sent out all their validation policies, I got the impression that USNA wouldn't let me validate much. If you are in an AP class, take the AP exam and study hard because USNA accepts 4/5 (depending on subject) for almost every AP exam. I validated two semesters of spanish despite not taking spanish since I was a sophomore, two semesters of math-got a 5 on the Calc BC exam which validated Calc 1&2, and validated some American Government.
O yea, if you're offered CVW, go. My parents wouldn't let me go because they thought I had seen enough during Summer Seminar. Summer Seminar is not an accurate representation of Academy life. CVW is. Bring a DVD or music to watch/listen to with your plebe at night, he/she will be much appreciate. My roommate's drag brought a whole case of DVDs a few days ago and it made our Friday night that much better.
I know this about a year late, but are there any rules as to what kind of DVDs are allowed at the Academy? It doesn't seem like the kind of place that would appreciate Will Ferrell naked or something similar.
My son's BGO told him to apply to attend a CVW on the USNA website. I think he is wrong. He must be thinking about summer session. Don't you have to be asked to attend a CVW? I think my son's BGO is a nice man, (retired parent of a USNA graduate) but not a superior source for information. My son would dearly love to attend a weekend, but reality is setting in, and we are thinking he won't be invited. He is not a recruited athlete. His app is complete, he has great grades, good ec's, medically qualified, and a nomination from MOC, but not the principal nom. Also applied for NROTC. Heard nothing from ROTC, and getting nervous about USNA. Good luck to all who are waiting with us!:help:
We asked the BGO to set it up, but it came on its own (the invite). Why not call the regional director (listed on CIS) and ASK for an invite? There is nothing wrong with asking...it shows interest. The worst thing that could happen would be a "no" answer...but it might be a "yes."
Thanks for the advice mom3boys. I know my son would love to attend. But I wonder if pushing for the invite is a good idea. If he got invited he might get his hopes up for a pipe dream. He is beginning to be down on himself, he thinks another boy in his school is a better shot for the appointment, and he is realizing how much a reach USNA is even though he is in NHS, top 10% of his class, has good ec's, and easily passed the CFA. The other boy has the same stats and many others across the USA for so few slots. I'll ask him if he wants to contact the regional director. Thanks for your help. This is a good forum.:smile:
Kevinsmom, sometimes the more a kid pushes for what he wants, the more it makes them stand out from the others. A bulldog mentality is what gets kids through academy life on a good day. They either go at it 100% locked on, wanting it, or they become one of the statistics pretty early in the game. Ask him if he wants USNA more than his counterpart, then ask him what he's gonna do about it. :thumb:
Moms & Dads can build up their kids better than anyone I know! Good luck!
There is no rule that says only one kid per school can go to USNA. Scubaguy (I think is his name) has 4 kids at his school w/ an LOA. My son and another boy at his school will both have appts to USMA. I do not know who else has applied to USNA at his school....there may be one. In fact, I know there is one as the BGO mentioned it. Do not let him get down on himself...maybe meeting him is what the academy needs. PUSH!!! Ya' gotta want it!
Kevinsmom - don't let him get down. If he really wants USNA he can get it - even if it isn't for this year.
My kids go to a pretty small school - not a military area at all and we have 3 kids at USNA. Two applied from the same class a couple of years ago and while one got an appointment the other got a foundation scholarship - they are both mids.
You can drive yourself crazy thinking of all those that are deserving but I am sure your son is deserving as well.
Listen to Jamzmom and all her infinite wisdom - she really kept me movtivated when my daughter got down last year.....

This is a tough time in the application process. Last year at this same time we were waiting...

I like Jamzmom's term "bulldog mentality"....being a bulldog at heart and encouraging the same in your candidate can help get you both through this "limbo" period.

Maybe it is just me, but I think the Navy is kind of stingy :screwy: with those CVW invites....