Jun 8, 2006
I'd like to take a moment to say why I started these forums:

For one, I think that it's time a modern, VB-based service academy forum be created. Secondly, I wanted to create a forum that is well-moderated, a place that does not tolerate posting that is not conducive to the mission of the forum. Finally, I wanted to create a forum organized in a way that allowed greater freedom of discussion, and organized in such a way that every topic has a place.

In the coming week many changes will be taking place. You might see the entire forum change during a refresh, because I'll be adding, deleting and organizing the forums. Also, we'll be adding moderators, establishing rules and recruiting members. Tell everyone you know about these forums, and let them come in to enjoy the atmosphere.

Without excellent members, there are no excellent forums. Things may be slow here for a while, but I would very much appreciate any involvement you can offer. Without all of you, this place is nothing.

Thank you for coming. I hope you enjoy your stay.

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Way to go, man! I'm with ya!
Question for TN or Zap: How'd you guys set this up? Was wondering because we'd tried to get CC to set up a place for Military Colleges & its never happened. With not everyone being able to get into a service academy, many kids pick VMI, The Citadel, Suny, or ROTC, ect. for their plan B schools. None of them are represented on CC. Military colleges/ROTC are the most probable route for kids seeking to serve so why wouldn't they have a place to call their own? Just wondering how you did it. :confused:
That's a good idea about the military colleges, I'll have to think about adding a forum for that.

Setting this up wasn't *that* hard (now that I've done it, it took about 16 hours total to get to where I am now, but it should take about 5).

The software is VBulletin, which I purchased from their site.
The host is ASO (A Small Orange) and is hosted on a "Small" plan. I also purchased the domain through them.

The set-up isn't overly complicated with the right help, which both those companies provide.

I think it would be wise to consider adding military colleges, so I will think about that and get back to you.
Sweet. Thanks for considering. The poor guys in prep schools tend to get ignored as well. (hint hint) :)
thank you for paying and setting this up man! Are you going to allow any donations or use advertising to help with the fees?
hornetguy said:
thank you for paying and setting this up man! Are you going to allow any donations or use advertising to help with the fees?

You're welcome.

I'm not sure yet on donations and advertising. Right now there probably aren't enough people for advertising. I may set up a donations link. I'd like some opinions on that, what does everyone think?
Well were gonna need to bring in revenue somehow. A donation link, like advertising will only work with a large and involved community or people will either not be compelled to give or just end up not giving enough to support us. I think both advertising and a donation link would be a good idea in general though! We need to concentrate on getting our name out there and getting traffic.
Here's a 4-part series on SEO:



Those are the first two parts. I've already submitted the URL to google. The other important thing is to have the link put on other big sites (like the 75th, Coley) and have people click from those sites. So, I both need people to talk about this site with others as well to post this site on other sites that you visit (particularly the high google ranked ones). Having people click those links helps us get a google spot.

I've set us up so that spiders can crawl around easily, so we shouldn't have a problem there.

The site has also been submitted to dmoz and, if accepted, that should help us.
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BOOOOOOO :thumbdown: :thumbdown:

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