What are my chances of getting an Army ROTC scholarship

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by loganburke93, May 17, 2014.

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    Currently a Junior
    Played 2 years of Varsity football
    Member of the key club (Community Service Club)
    Taking dual enrollment (community college) course in high school
    I will also be the vice president of my Senior class
    Taken 2 AP classes

    SAT Scores:
    Reading: 480
    Math: 560
    Writing: 530
    Overall: 1570

    Unweighted GPA: 3.3
    Weighted GPA: 3.94

    ACT Score: 24

    Class rank is in the top 30%

    I am a minority (African-American) if it means anything, but if the Army give me a chance I will try my best to succeed an prove my worth to the superiors, if possible I want to pursue a long career in the army and become a JAG officer and I know there is a long road ahead of me, but I know that I need to try harder in school and getting more involved with the my college community as much as I can. I want to go to a public college in the state that I am a resident. I really want to help people for a while, especially those who help serve my country, and I think that 2-3 year sting in the Peace Corp after college cannot do that for me because I want more fulfillment in my life and I feel that the Army can provide that for me.

    I live in North Carolina and I want to go to a public university/college like East Carolina, Appalachian or NC State, and if possible UNC-Chapel Hill, but i feel that Chapel Hill is a school that is too out my reach.
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    You'll need to get those SAT/ACT scores up. A lot.
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    +1 kinnem

    I would say all of your schools are reaches. ECU/Applachain are no longer considered safety schools. NCST has akways been competitive. Keep taking those exams.

    Understand that for state colleges like those they could have 30k students applying. That is how competitive the state schools can be for admittance.

    Also it is important to understand how minority status works for college admission. You would most likely be classified as an ORM at NC schools. ORM= over Represented Minority. For admission purposes there is no real edge. Now someone from India would most likely be considered a URM at schools like ECU or Appalachian. Under Represented, they would get an edge regarding admissions.
    ~ Colleges try to have the class makeup reflect the population. I would say at least in Wayne County African American makes up 30% of the class, Hispanic probably 20%, thus the true minority would be Hispanic. Now if you were applying to Kansas state I would than place you as a URM.
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