What are my chances?


Mar 6, 2017
So I am currently a junior and I've been working towards West Point for the about the last 3 years on building up an exceptional resume. That being said, here are my stats:
GPA: 3.74
SAT: 1410
President and Founder of a Philosophy Club
President of Model UN
President of Model General Assembly
Vice/President of French Honor Society (Vice pres: Sophmore yr)
Editor/writer of the Year Book Freshmen year
Indoor and Outdoor track for 3 years
Private personal trainer

Overall, I am rather fit person. I've been lifting for about a year now and I can easily pump out a large number of push ups, chin ups, and other exercises.

So what's the verdict? Do I have what it takes?
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Honestly, no one can tell you right now. Its all up to the admissions people when you apply.
You should study the prior post about WCS calculations and understand how the nomination process works. There is something floating around called the RAND report that talks about how activities are scored that will give you an idea how the WCS is calculated.
It appears that you have a solid academic background but your class rank and school profile is used more than your actual GPA. I think leadership in a competitive sport would help your application. You also need to practice for the CFA.
There is no way to tell how the competition will be next year in your state or MOC district. You only compete against the individuals from the same nomination source. There is the NWL list, but that is a long shot for most candidates. Keep working hard and doing the things that have made you successful. Chase your passions and always work on a Plan B
Also good to remember that often quoted RAND study is about 10 yrs old and it says there are other elements to the WCS they did NOT consider. Part of the reason the numerous 'chance me' threads aren't of much value is that none of us know the actual formula that is currently used by admissions taking into account things like teacher recommendations, etc.

You will probably gain as much insight looking at the student profiles published on the official SA websites that show 90+% are varsity athletes, etc.