What month does Plebe Summer typically begin?

According to the Naval Academy Admissions calendar, I-day is July 1st.

Yes, definitely plan for flexibility.:biggrin: I-Day has moved back & forth over the years. In my day, it started after July 4 (the 6th to be exact). Then it moved to the last week in June. In very recent years, it has been right before July 4. The Supe has some (if not all) discretion and there will soon be a new Supe (due to normal rotation), although maybe not before I-Day. So, plan on the 1st but don't be surprised if it changes.

Typically 3 years for the Supe. Some have had longer or shorter terms for various reasons. Dants may have shorter terms b/c when (and it's usually "when" not "if") they make flag, they are transferred b/c the Dant is not a flag billet.
The past two Dants have been at USNA about 18 to 24 months. Admiral Rempt was there for 4 years. Our understanding was it is a 3 to 4 year duty assignment for the Supe.


Sea Change at Annapolis, The United States Naval Academy 1949-2000 By H. Michael Gelfand, John McCain This book states on page 19 that most Commandants since 1949 have served 2 to 3 years, and all but one have been USNA graduates.

Page 11 indicates that since 1968 most Superintendents have served three or four years, reflecting a preference for leadership continuity. All Supe's since 1949 have been Academy graduates.