What should I be doing over the next few months?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by zl677, May 11, 2011.

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    I'm a junior in high school and I'm going through the process of applying for an AROTC scholarship. I've filled out the online application and I was wondering how worried I should be about getting a scholarship. My academics are very good, I scored a 2250 on my SAT's and I have a very good GPA. My athletics are sub-par, I have only participated in JV track and a rec basketball league, but my PT scores will most likely be good. Lastly, I believe my leadership is solid. I'm a member of the national honors society, I'm a cabinet member on a school club, and I'm a leader in my orchestra and church youth group. My 7 schools (in order) are Duke, University of Southern California, Vanderbilt, UMichigan, William and Mary, Georgetown, and George Washington.
    Secondly, I am interested to know what exactly my course of action should be from this point on. Should I submit my application now, or should I wait until the beginning of September when my PT scores will be significantly better? Is there any downside to submitting my application on September 1st rather than now? I've met with the recruiting officer at Duke and scored a 180 on my interview, and I plan on speaking to the PMS's at the other schools I'm applying to. I know I've asked a lot of questions, but an answer to any of them would be greatly appreciated.
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    As long as you submit your application before the deadline for the board it won't matter when you submit it, so if you plan on improving your physical fitness then do so! Oh, and join a varsity team next year if you are able to, just say that you will be joining the ____ team this year.
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    Work on your PT test like crazy and send it in with the best score you can get. Getting it in now rather than right before deadline won't help.

    Get in touch with all of your schools and keep in touch. In picking competitive schools and battalions the competition will be fierce so just know that going in.

    Good luck!
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    The first thing I would do is to look at a thread on this board called AROTC FAQ, look at the first post by GoJack, he has a link to a page that is full of information regarding the Application Process.

    A couple things:

    Don't be in a hurry to send the application in, you have plenty of time. You just need to have it in by a deadline (That date will be known later this year) before the first board meets. The first board this year was Oct. 24th.

    You can update your application up to the deadline for the first board, after that you can only update your ACT/SAT scores.

    I would wait until you can do your best on your PT score.

    Remember that on your application you not only list the sports and activities you have done through your junior year, you also include the sports and activities that you intend to do in your senior year.

    I would suggest doing maybe Cross Country and Track again next year and list it on your application. List all the clubs, leadership positions and any other activities you plan to do your senior year.

    The schools you have listed are all very competetive for ROTC Scholarships. This year a lot of applicants received scholarships to only state and instate schools. A lot had to do with the budget for the DoD. The budget issues will be even worse next year and with the economy still slow the number of applicants will continue to be very high, all leading to a higher level of competition.

    Make sure you can be accepted to the schools you are applying to, a ROTC scholarship does not sway the admissions at the universities in most cases.

    It looks like you have good stats, many of the applicants have similar. There is a lot that goes into the scholarship process, you will find it does not always make sense. Just when you think you have it figured out it changes again.

    This year applicants with stats lower then yours, higher then yours and similar to yours received scholarship. There were also many in those categories that did not. School selections can have some to do with it as well. If all the schools you list are highly competitive, there will be a larger number of applicants to select from. Cadet Command and the Boards make the decisions but each battalion will give them a list of those that they would accept in their program, the more applicants the stronger the competition.

    One piece of advice, keep in contact with each ROTC Battallion throughout the process, make yourself known to them, try and build a relationship with each one. Basically give them a reason to put a check mark next to your name.

    Do read that post I told you about and check in to this board as the process rolls along. There will soon be a whole new group of people here that will all be in the same boat as you. You can learn a lot here.

    Good Luck

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