What should I bring to my opto exam?

Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by w5emp, Aug 5, 2014.

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    I have my opto exam scheduled for Thursday and would like to know what exactly I will need to bring with me. The packet I had to download from Dodmets has a section for the optometrist, but it has large lettering "SEE OPTO EXAM" over it. Is there some other paper I need to bring that I just didn't see on Dodmets?

    Thanks and 73
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    Unless you wear glasses or contacts (there are specific instructions for that) I believe you only need to bring yourself and a picture id. We also brought the original letter from Concordia/Dodmets just incase, but they should already have the paperwork from Dodmets. Also if you are under 18 your parent or guardian may need to be there with their picture id. (Our opto exam required it, but physical exam didn't)
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    I went with my kids since they were under 18, and as I recall, they didn't bring anything "extra." The whole exam took about 15 minutes - and cost me $17 to park.
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    if you suspect you have any vision problems at all you should bring glasses and contact and read over the instructions for administering the test. Luckily I read the instructions. The eye doc we were sent to administered the depth perception wrong and failed my son. I sat in on the exam (son under 18) and told the eye doc had done it wrong (the eye doc had him take the depth perception part uncorrected which was against the administration protocol) luckily dodmerb allowed son to redo the opto test with his own optometrist (we paid for this) and he passed.

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