What to wear to interview


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Mar 8, 2016
The reason I'm asking is that my son normally wears a suit or blazer etc depending on the formality of the event he is attending. In this case he will be having a college info session as well as tour at the Univ Delaware then after that off the meet for his interview. He is unsure if the dress formality is a requirement since he prefers not to be walking in a suit all day with a bunch of other people in Shorts . But like he said he will do whatever is needed and not look back .
Our son brought his suit and changed his clothes. Not sure how the logistics would work at your location.
Thx he said the same to just bring his suite and hop into the bathroom at UD
I'd say a blazer is fine. My son wore a business casual v-neck and tie and was awarded a scholarship. This question has been asked before and there are varying viewpoints. Some lean toward the most formal. I lean toward the middle/upper end - i.e., business casual (blazer, slacks, etc.). Not all applicants can afford a suit so I don't think the interviewers will hold that against anyone. My impression is that they want to see that thought was put into what to wear. Good luck!
I am with kinnem....shocker I know!

Khakis and collared shirt. If he wants to wear a blazer he can just keep it in the car and run to get it, instead of changing his entire wardrobe.

Honestly the school tour is a dog and pony show. It is just a big old group walking around with nobody paying attention to anybody else. (I have 3 kids, so I have been there, done that AND paid the check).

Secondly, the CoC/PMS understand that you are combining the tour with the interview. I would not enter in shorts, but to me wearing a suit is just over the top.
~ Our DS did not even wear a suit for his MoC interviews. He wore blazer, dockers and collared shirt. MoC he did wear a tie.
~ I work for a national men's clothing company in VA. I have many parents that come in thinking they have to spend several hundreds of dollars to outfit them for this one day. As a parent of now an ADAF pilot, I tell them NO, unless they are going to combine this suit with something like homecoming or a family function they know is coming up in the future, such as a wedding or maybe their graduation. Instead, I sell them the following.
~~ Blue or black blazer. Khaki pants. NO WHITE SHIRTS, but instead something in a powder blue. NO RED ties, instead the college school color. Brown shoes.
~~~ Why? Because depending on how big that unit is they (PMS) will interview tons of kids. You want them to remember him/her right away and not be one of the cookie cutter candidates with what they are wearing, but at the same time be classic.

IMPO, what I would pay more attention to is the following:
1. Little things matter
~ Polish the shoes.
~ Cut the fingernails
~ Get a haircut. I am not saying a buzz cut, but a trim. DS has insanely curly hair. His hair was touching his collar, and over his ears, but it was trimmed to his style.
~ Take a resume
~ Be prepared to ask questions
~~ IE AFROTC is a 2+2 scholarship, ask % that get SFT. If they want rated ask % that get UPT.
~ Be prepared to have questions from the left field
~~ I see you have all A's in Math, but your SAT super is 610, why?
~ Let him enter on his own.
~~ Agree to meet him a designated area, such as the student union. This will allow him to get a feel for the campus next yr as a freshmen. See above about dog/pony. College kids know these are tours, they will steer clear. However, him walking back alone to meet you, he is just another college student.

Hope that helps

OBTW, DS got all 3 MoC noms, and an AFROTC scholarship, all with wearing just a blazer and khakis. It was his resume, and how he conducted himself in the interview that got it!

PS if your DS is not use to wearing a suit, make him wear it at home the night before. Nothing worse than watching somebody squirm during an interview because they don't know how to sit in a jacket. IE sits on the tail of the coat or forgets to unbutton the suit jacket when they sit down.
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Pima I'm with you . I've always told him to look the part as people wil make a judgement about you in the first 30 seconds . Physical impressions are the important part as to not have the people he is talking being distracted. He will be taking is blue blazer. Why we are doing the tour at UD not sure since his sister graduated from there and he knows they place quite well. But hey its his time. And he is always wearing a suit and actually likes them because of the all boy school he goes to since they have so many functions, Anyone been to Norwich ?
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May I just add my opinion - very often khaki pants, such as the Dockers type, or type sold at discount stores, are not wrinkle-resistant - please check this. Pants made from 100% cotton usually stretch out, lose their fit, and end up looking sloppy, wrinkled, poorly fitted, and make a terrible impression anyplace you where them, but especially for an interview. If you're going to buy some new pants, don't get cotton khakis, get actual dress pants in khaki color - these will stay much nicer looking. Not sure? Then go to a good men's clothing specialty store (the men's department in large chain stores often aren't staffed with knowledgeable salespeople) and get a professional to help you, as Pima (above) recommends. Take your dress shoes along and you can even get them hemmed to the proper length, very often as a complimentary service!
all can be assured my DS takes longer than his sister to pick out what to wear and get ready. He will be well put together. As he told me this evening he is taking his suit and tie and changing.
DS just paid a tailor with a MA in Home Ec to tailor his Blazer for his officer interview! I was laughing the whole time, I've never had a pro tailor in my corner lol