When can I get my DODMERB?


Feb 5, 2017
Pretty self explanatory, really. Basically, can I get my DODMERB before I finish my application (USMA and USAFA); can I start junior year?

They order it for you, you can't order it for yourself. You will go to their docs.

The earliest most can take the exam is in July. Last I knew you had to be deemed a candidate and since that usually doesn't occur until late June/early July you can't expect to get the DoDMERB request for many more months.
A DoDMERB medical exam will be ordered when your SA application is about half completed. I beleive for USMA, your essay needs to be completed. For xROTC it is requested after you are awarded a scholarship.
Why would they waste MY TAX MONEY on someone who may not complete their application? :D
Are you notified by email that it will be ordered, regular mail, or is something noted on the SA portal?
As stated don't sweat this - you have a long way to go on nomination process and the rest of the application requirements before worrying about DoDMERB.
DS got his nomination in Nov and didn't do DoDMERB until Thanksgiving timeframe senior year.

Having said that once the link comes thru do not waste any time getting the exam; remedials and waivers take extra time if needed and you don't find out overnight.
I remember my daughter's was ordered after she completed her interviews and her nomination boards. Stay on top of all the paperwork, it gets a little crazy and they may have follow-up requests.