When do I choose what ROTC Program I want to enroll in at VMI? Did I do so Accidentally Already?

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May 22, 2020
I believe that VMI sent me some admissions paperwork, and I put down my intent to enroll in Navy ROTC. However, after re-examining what I wanted to get out of my military service, my parents and I decided that I should do Army ROTC. If the paperwork that they sent me is when I locked-in my enrollment choice, is there any way to change that prior to or at matriculation?

If it isn't, I was just wondering when I officially choose which ROTC Program I want to enroll in at VMI. Right now I'm looking at the commissioning route for Army ROTC on a non-scholarship basis. As a secondary question, how tough is the competition for Army contracts at VMI? Any information or help is very much appreciated.
Congrats on your appointment to VMI! It’s a great school. My son just finished as a 4th.

I can’t answer how easy it is to change, but I hope that it is truly YOUR decision.

Good luck and make sure you run a lot this summer, especially hills.
Here is link to the 2019 VMI policy for ROTC. Lots of good info here.
https://www.vmi.edu › mediaPDF

I don't think you will have any problem changing your preference from Navy to Army.
Yes, there are historically very good opportunities to earn AROTC scholarship at VMI. Work really hard, show up in great shape.... that's the best strategy!