1. C

    Chances of getting into VMI?

    My son, a sophomore in Northern Virginia, is obsessed with getting into VMI. He loves the military, we've had soldiers in every generation in our family, and I frankly believe he would flourish there...if he can get in. I'm looking for gritty, frank advice on what his chances might be before I...
  2. V

    NROTC without commissioning

    Hello everyone. I am new here. I am a senior in high school applying to VMI. I am interested in NROTC, but VMI webpage says that cadets who do not plan to commission will be enrolled in army ROTC. I want to do NROTC. I contacted VMI NROTC and they replied: "Unfortunately we do not have the...
  3. V

    VMI funding, scholarships and more questions

    Hello. I am new here. I am a senior in high school looking to get into a senior military college. VMI is my favorite because of the majors it offers and the movie Field of Lost Shoe. Besides that, my step dad is naval academy graduate. He is retired now. This is why I want the military...
  4. U

    VMI vs USMA?

    Hello I am new here. I know this has been asked a lot, but I still have some doubts. I read in other forums that USMA is the place if you want to be a professional army officer. I also read that people prefer west point since it is a more reputable school, though I read and saw YouTube videos...
  5. Pololive5

    Decline in Military Discipline and rise in "don't care" culture at VMI

    Im a Second classmen at VMI and I am extremely proud of it, however I can't help to notice that from when I was a Rat to now, there has a been a massive decline in Corps wide discipline and in turn a sharp rise in a "don't care" culture or as its know here as "**** bag" culture. The culture now...
  6. R

    VMI Acceptance Question

    So I received this email and I am not sure if it means I got accepted since it does not say in the PostView portal if I got accepted or rejected. Also the subject of the email is "Institute Scholarship". Will I be notified by mail? Good Afternoon, We are excited you chose to apply for...
  7. T

    STP at VMI

    Does anyone have experience attending the summer transitional program ( STP) at VMI I want to attend , but the cost will be approximately 5K for one class because of out of state tuition.
  8. T

    Can VMI cadets have coffee makers in their rooms?

    Or is that just something I'll have to go without for the next 4 years?
  9. T

    How much sleep does an average SMC cadet get?

    Specifically VMI and Citadel, but I'm also curious about the other four too. Also, does your sleep schedule change over the weekends or summer training?
  10. T

    VMI or Citadel? Psych major and USMC Commission

    Hey yall, I'm a current senior looking to major in psychology and commission into the Marines, and I have several questions on how to decide between the two. I've been browsing the forums, but most of the posts I've run into are for AROTC commissions which don't really help me that much. As...
  11. Zargonz

    Bad Situation: I'm Going to Reverse It.

    Rising senior; will be applying for VMI (my first choice) as well as other SMCs this year. I'm from Northern VA, D.C. suburbs. Here's the point: I've got a weighted GPA of 2.9 (2.5 unweighted) thanks to personal issues and a nasty case of teenage depression. I'm probably doomed, but I will not...
  12. V

    When do I choose what ROTC Program I want to enroll in at VMI? Did I do so Accidentally Already?

    I believe that VMI sent me some admissions paperwork, and I put down my intent to enroll in Navy ROTC. However, after re-examining what I wanted to get out of my military service, my parents and I decided that I should do Army ROTC. If the paperwork that they sent me is when I locked-in my...
  13. W

    ranking the difficulty of getting each of the 17 army branches.

    I am planning on commissioning army from VMI and I was wondering how hard it is to branch in something like Finance corps. I am not too interested on branching combat arms or something like transportation, but it’d be interesting to know how competitive all of the possible career options are...
  14. V

    VMI NROTC Commissioning?

    I will be attending VMI this fall (or whenever COVID-19 finally lets up), and I am planning to pursue a commission in the Navy. However, I didn't pick up the 4-year scholarship. I am going in as a Tier 3 Major (History), and I don't want to force myself to pursue a Tier-1 Major because I know...
  15. C

    SMP Cadet Transfer?

    Is it possible for an SMP cadet to transfer to another school? I will be in in the Indiana guard soon, and I plan on attending a local school for my freshman year, after which I plan to apply for the USMA. But if this doesn't work out, I'm interested to know, is it possible for me to transfer to...
  16. J

    Chances of getting into VMI?

    I'm currently a junior and I've wanted to go to VMI for years now, could you guys help me out with any weaknesses I could iron out in an application? Also what are the chances of me getting an appointment? 1310 SAT, 4.22 GPA W, 3.87 UW Lifeguarded for three years Varsity Track/ Cross Country...
  17. G

    Virginia Military Institute Application Chances, Advice, and Questions

    Good morning, afternoon, or evening, I am an out-of-state Florida early decision applicant for the upcoming class. This post is primarily to query this community about my chances at admission to VMI and to ask a few questions. For the past year or so I've read nearly every VMI post on this...
  18. N

    VMI Admissions Advice

    Good Evening everyone, I was wondering if anyone would be able to provide any advice that would be helpful as I finish up my application up for VMI. I am 17 years old, I currently reside in NY, and I am applying to VMI Regular Decision (I will be applying to other schools as a back up but this...
  19. W

    What to Expect

    I just picked up a two-year Advanced Standing contract with the Navy ROTC, what can I expect to happen next, or timelines related to things such as DoDMERB? The only thing I know so far is to report to my unit when I return to school to sign some papers, as my CO said over the phone. Thank you...
  20. M

    What are my chances of getting in to VMI???

    I’ve been scrolling around the internet forever trying to see my chances of getting into VMI and I’m hoping to get some solid advice here. I’m a rising senior, getting ready to apply soon (early decision) I’m a white female, 3.2 gpa, 1200 sat I do marching band, and have a high position of...