When to Start the Process?

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Nov 8, 2008
Just to start this off, I'll clarify that I'm a junior right now, so this is all for Class of '14.

Just some background, I've already requested information from the Naval Academy and I plan to sign up for NASS midnight Feb 1st. Also, in school I'm keeping up with track + keeping my grades up so as to stay as competitive as possible. I've already taken the PSAT's, and I plan to take the SATs in March.

Is there anything else I should be doing right now, and when should I first start getting in touch with my BGO? Also, for the SAT Subject Tests, should I send my scores to USNA?

As a side question, I'm deciding between taking AP Econ, AP American History, and AP Gov for my senior year. I'm evenly split between them, would any of them be better than the others at the Naval Academy?


Same boat, applying for 2014 (and NASS) :biggrin::thumb: so hi :smile:

I have the same question - when and how do we start getting in touch with BGOs?
Some really helpful peolple have already given me a few email adress (Lt Doyle and Ms Loustaunau for Int'l Students) but do we choose our own BGOs or are they assigned? When? How do we get one?

And Eighth - I obviously have no clue/am no authority, but from what I've seen on the homepage and Plebe help sites, having US History helps to get in. And plebe year (pls correct if wrong!) we have to take a Government class - history, or the mechanics of...something like that
And it's advised to, if you can, test out of classes at the beg of Plebe year, so that your load as a Firstie is way less... so maybe, if you've taken US History already, opt for AP Gov't so you can test out of that and lessen your work load :smile:


[EDIT]: ps - yeah, seriously. When do we start applying??
(and by doing what?)
Your first step is applying for NASS. You can't fill out your complete app for 2014 until they're done w/ 2013. There is contact info on the online app for the bgo....when son contacted him he said to get in touch when the app was further along (he stated a % of completion, I just don't remember it). It is so great that you two are both so enthusiastic; however, your best use of time at this point is to learn all you can about the SA you wish to attend and at the same time do everything you can to meet the qualifications they are looking for (excellence in academics, sports, fitness, leadership). Good luck!

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To start applying you have to do a preliminary application (I suggest in May) that you find on their web site. Then they will contact you with a candidate number and password which you will need to access your application online. From there its self explanatory. Start everything about June of your junior year. Take your SATS and keep taking them until you get the highest scores possible. Contact your Senators and Congressman's office in July to receive their application for a nomination. Ask your junior english and math teachers if they would mind writing you a recommendation before you leave for summer break because you have to give the academy their e-mail addresses who will then e-mail them asking for recommendations. When you get back your Senior year have your guidance counselor send everything they need (DO THIS IN SEPTEMBER!) If you get everything in early, you can get an early appointment. And START PREPARING NOW FOR YOUR CANDIDATE FITNESS ASSESSMENT.

Next Year: Take AP Calculus, AP or honors physics, and any other AP courses. If you can, take AP Chemistry also. This is what they want to see. They are big in the maths and sciences.

I will be attending a prep-school for a year under the Naval Academy Foundation and then will be with the class of 2014 also, although ill be twenty by then haha. Best of luck to you both and if you have any other questions feel free to PM me.

very good advice dclaws24:thumb:. Just to add to that when you apply for Naval Academy Summer Seminar (NASS) you are also filling out a preliminary application...there is no need to fill out both a USNA preliminary application AND a NASS application as they are both the same.

Very Respectfully,

BGOs are assigned by high school. You will be notified of your BGO (and he/she will be notified of your existence) around 1 June. If you feel a need to contact your BGO prior to that time, check with your h.s. guidance counselor or check the USNA catalog for your Area Coordinator and ask him/her which BGO is assigned to your school.

BGOs generally are happy to answer specific questions; however, there is no need to contact your BGO just to say hello. No problem doing so but definitely not necessary.

As for what else to do . . . practice for your SATs and ACTs. If you can't afford or don't want to take a course, practice on your own. It does help.

The one other thing you can do is to download your MOC nom packets. PLEASE NOTE: if your MOC is leaving office in January, don't bother. Wait until the new person is in office. However, if the folks are still there, their applications are probably available on line. While they can change year to year, they typically don't. Downloading now lets you know what you'll need to collect and what (if any) essays they require.

Other than that, just concentrate on doing well at school and taking on leadership positions your senior year or this summer.
If you apply to NASS but don't get in, should you then do the prelim app 'again'?

Thanks for the help all!

ps: Does anybody here know what the deal is with nominations for International Students??
thanks for the help so far,

And does anyone know the chances of getting into NASS?
Is it first come first served? And if so, if I fill it out pretty much right when it comes out, should I be good?
Its not first come first serve, but if you get it in early it will help. NASS is very competitive and a lot of people who get into the academy didnt get into summer seminar. my brother didnt get into NASS, but go into the academy so dont be discouraged if you didnt get in. Best of luck!

To start applying you have to do a preliminary application (I suggest in May) that you find on their web site.

May? Don't wait that long, you'll miss out on a chance for NASS.

The NASS application IS a preliminary application, and you can start filling it out on Feb 1.

bobcatmatt said:
Just to add to that when you apply for Naval Academy Summer Seminar (NASS) you are also filling out a preliminary application...there is no need to fill out both a USNA preliminary application AND a NASS application as they are both the same.

Sorry to duplicate your response, matt, I didn't see it when I replied. :thumb:

KATIE: If you apply to NASS and still do not get in there is no need to apply for a preliminary application in addition because when you applied for NASS you were filling out a preliminary application. Also while it is not first come first serve my "mentor" stressed that you apply for NASS as soon as possible. I applied for NASS at 12:01 A.M. February 1st, 2008 (it was february last year
not January) and got accepted to NASS session one. Hope this helps you:smile:. I respect your dedication :thumb:.

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:thumb:No worries I just did the same thing to you :biggrin:. Just to add to your comments I believe the application this year for NASS has been moved up and is going to be available on JANUARY 1st this coming year.

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If you are not an American citizen, completion of a Preliminary Application is not necessary. Information concerning application procedures for foreign nationals may be requested from the Naval Attache at the U.S. Embassy in your home country.

Maybe it's just because its 736am, but does foreign nationals = US citizens abroad?

Thanks all! :biggrin:
Been v helpful:thumb:


The Summer Seminar Application will open on February 1st, 2009.

( http://www.usna.edu/Admissions/nass.htm )
Katie, it is a bit more complicated for US citizens living abroad. When our daughter applied to USMMA, she used my state of legal residence as her legal residence. So her MOCs were those for the district where I am registered to vote, and where she is now registered to vote.

That means you need to find out in which state your US citizen parent is considered a legal resident. Failing that, do you have grandparents in the US? Usually a state of residence for someone living overseas is connected to where relatives live.

Good luck!
but does foreign nationals = US citizens abroad?

No. A foreign national is a citizen of another country who is not a US Citizen.

^ The above is correct. Hopefully, your ex-pat parent(s) have maintained their US Residency and have continued to vote. If your US Citizen parent has broken all ties with the US then you may run into trouble finding a US Representative who will consider you in his/her district - likewise a US Senator. Military kids or kids who parents work for the US Govt don't generally have this problem.
Oh thanks to the Mums, KPMum2012 and Just_A_Mom!
My case isn't as difficult as that - I myself have residency in Illinois being born there, and so does my mother (and she's registered to vote).
So I guess I'd ask the Illinois MoC's and Senators, then, or?
Btw, if Government kids don't have a problem, what about UN kids?

Re NASS, please note that the program is primarily a recruiting tool. One of the purposes of NASS is to introduce USNA to students who may not otherwise have much exposure to it. This can be due to geography, school location, or other reasons.

Thus, the most highly qualified students who apply to NASS don't universally get in. For example, a good student from an underrepresented geographic area or school may get the nod over a "better" student from Annapolis, MD.

The bottom line is that being accepted for NASS is NOT a guarantee that your record is strong enough for an appointment and, conversely, the fact that you may not get accepted to NASS should NOT discourage you from applying to USNA. IOW, not getting accepted to NASS does NOT mean that you have no chance to get into USNA.
Would Austria count as "underrepresented"? :wink:

But yeah, I've heard that. Even if I can't go (flying across the pond for a week is a bit on the expensive side!) or don't get in, I certainly won't not apply!!