When Will I be contacted by DoDMERB?

Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by gnroberts, Jul 5, 2012.

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    I am applying for the class of 2017 to USMA and USNA and attended West Point's SLS in June. On the West Point Candidate Portal it states that DoDMERB will contact me and I was wondering when this will happen, as I suffered a minor fractured vertebrae over the winter (which has since healed and I am cleared to return to physical activities with no restrictions) and a fractured vertebrae is listed as a disqualification I want as much time as possible to try and get a waiver, or since it has healed is it no longer a disqualification?
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    West Point will not authorize the DoDMERB physical for 2017 until 2 things happen:
    1) you are deemed a competitive candidate
    2) you have completed a certain amount of the application.
    We don't know what triggers the authorization - whether it is a certain % completed or a certain item or items completed.

    Best thing a candidate can do right now is to get started on the application as soon as it opens up on your portal. The sooner you get those red icons turned to green, the sooner you will be authorized to schedule the DoDMERB physical. :thumb:
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    follow up

    my usna is 100% completed except for waiting for confirmation from guidance counselor-all else done

    my usma is also almost complete except for except for waiting for confirmation from guidance counselor, waiting for for one soe and my essays. I was told that I was screened and okd.

    If USNA is finished first and they get me going on Dodmerb first do I use that for USMA as well? when do does Dodmerb start in general (assuming everything is done when does the ball get rolling?)
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    DoDMERB exam will be accepted by every SA, and ROTC boards. If the Army places in the order first, it doesn't matter, USNA will accept the results and vise a verse.

    HOWEVER, you need to realize that you can end up with no DQ's for Army, but DQ's for the Navy (eyesight is the biggie). All DoDMERB does is qualifies the candidate, it is up to the individual branch to waive any DQs.

    Same is true for SA and ROTC, candidates that are applying for an SA may find out that the medical issue will not be waived, but that same branch's ROTC will waive it.

    Typically right about now is when the 1st of the applicants receive the letter saying go to these docs for the exam by X date.

    OBTW one of the reasons they are waiting until they deem you competitive is the cost associated with the exam. You don't pay, but somebody does, and that somebody is the branch. SA/ROTC are not stupid, this is their own game of playing chicken. If USMA/AROTC orders the exam, USNA/NROTC will not be charged the cost, but they get the results. They know many applicants like you will apply to multiple SA/ROTC scholarship, why take it out of their budget if another branch will do it for them?
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