Why do AROTC cadets on contract get their Security Clearance?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by john3337, Oct 29, 2012.

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    I am a contracted MS1 in an Army ROTC and they have started to do my security clearance. I was wondering why they start this process so early, and also what clearance I am going to receive. Is it the Top Secret clearance that all Army Officers receive? Because if so, in my opinion it's a little weird that ROTC cadets have Top Sec clearance.
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    It is not a TS Clearance.

    Have you applied for CULP as a MS1, CULP requires the Clearance.

    All officers are not required to have a TS clearance, Some branches require a TS, but not all.

    You will need to have the clearance prior to commissioning, don't you think it's a better idea to get it now, or wait until they spend all that money on your education and find out later you can't pass the clearance.
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    It is not TS

    As a contracted cadet, come May, if you elect to stay than you owe the Army time. They want to make sure there is nothing in your history that will cause an issue.

    Basically at this level it is pretty quick and simple. Later on if you are branched to a field that requires TS clearance, it becomes very involved.

    What you are going through is basically what your parents would call a credit check. Just verifying what you said is true...no arrests, no problems. TS is verifying through other {personal) sources that what you said is true.

    Not everyone gets a TS in the military, it costs tens of thousands of dollars and takes about 6 months to accomplish. They will talk to people in yr life, it is @75 pages of questions and answers. They will make sure every month of your life is accounted for regarding where you have ever lived. It is deep. It is only valid for 5 yrs.

    If you later on go for a TS clearance, heed everyone's warning, keep all of your paperwork, because for the rest of your AD military life you will pull it back up again, and if you retire and go Defense it will be a part of your life until you leave that world too.

    One thing to understand for the future regarding TS, credit reports will be pulled, don't mess with you credit by being late or overextending yourself financially. Lose TS, you lose your job.

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    Just a word of advice for cadets who are filling out the SF86 for their secret clearances...

    Make sure you KEEP a copy for yourself! After getting your MOS/AFSC you may have to go through a more in-depth process for a TS or SCI access. In that case you will want to make sure your there are no discrepancies between your first SF86 and your second.

    A lot of people get their TS denied or delayed for really stupid discrepancies that could easily be avoided.

    Make sure you hold on to information...addresses/contacts for places you've lived, dates/places for whenever you've travelled outside the country, detailed personal info on any foreign-born folks you know, work history, etc.

    Its really not that weird. Just having the clearance doesnt mean you're going to access any classified. To get access you need the clearance + a signed NDA + a "need to know". Giving clearances to cadets is more just for convenience so that they dont have to commission you only to find out later that you can't get a clearance.

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