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Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by FalconAF, Sep 20, 2013.

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    It has been my dream to go to the usafa for a while. I am applying to all the service academies, but mainly want to go to Air Force. I really have little interest in the Navy and West Point. When I apply for my nominations, and they ask me why I want to attend the Air Force academy over the other academies, what should I say? There's just something about the Air Force that feels right, but I don't know how to express this. What are some unique programs and opportunities the usafa had to offer that the other academies don't that I could say? Thanks!
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    It's fine to express your preference and explain why. Don't be shy and use your best judgment.

    You should do the research yourself on the USAFA website on opportunities offered there instead of just relying on us. If USAFA is your preference, I would assume there's something about the USAF that you like more - and those tend to translate into similar SA differences.
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    I know some will disagree with me here; that's not uncommon. But, I have to honestly say: If you have little interest in Annapolis or West Point, then you SHOULDN'T apply to them. Not unless you're willing to admit to yourself that the ONLY reason you're applying is for the "Free Education".

    You have to be TRUE TO YOURSELF. Wherever you get accepted, assuming you do, you owe them 9 years of your life!!! 4 at the academy and 5 of active service. If you have little desire to be in the navy or army, then you will NOT perform up to your potential. You will feel that you "SETTLED" for something you didn't want.

    Each person is different, and they apply to the various academies for different reasons. But I truly believe that you shouldn't apply to a military academy unless you're passionate about it. My son and I had this conversation when he decided to apply. He ONLY applied to air force. He really wanted air force. Had no desire for the other 4 branches of service. But he also realized that the academy CAN'T BE YOUR GOAL!!! The academy is simply a stepping stone; a means; to helping you reach your goals. He figured, if he didn't get an air force academy appointment, he would apply for ROTC. If he didn't get that, he would attend traditional school and possibly get a commission in the air force via OCS.

    Don't get me wrong. There are some that truly want "TO SERVE". They don't care which branch of the military. For them; applying to ALL the academies makes sense. But if you truly have no desire for navy or army, then I would encourage you to rethink applying to them. "BE TRUE TO YOURSELF".
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    Our DS was asked during his interview why he was only applying to the AFA and not any other SA.

    His answer was simple. I don't want to serve on a boat or in a tank, and I know it is service before self, thus I have to accept that may be an option as a career field. My intention is to be commissioned as an AF officer in any position the AF gives me.

    He did not discuss programs or opportunities that the AFA offered compared to sister services. It was more career goals, and he knew be it AFA, AFROTC or OCS he would become an AF officer one way or another.

    He got all 3 MOCs noms.
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    Our DS applied for a nomination to USAFA and USMA. He had contact with both SA's regarding their swim teams.

    During his MOC interview, the USNA rep asked why he had not applied to USNA as well. He answered "Sir because I was not contacted by Annapolis" which resulted in smiles from both the USAFA and USMA officer.

    He received a nomination for both USAFA and USMA, but of course not for USNA. That's not the answer I would have provided, but it worked for DS.
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    To apply or not to apply

    My DS was in the same boat and was willing to only attend Air Force. He made the decision to only apply to Air Force and lucky for him it turned out well. He said he would only enjoy the experiences offered at Air Force and had no interest in any other service including dad's Navy.
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    Well, think about it. Why DO you want to go to USAFA? What got you thinking about it in the first place? You might not know details about the programs available, but there's got to be a reason why you really want to go to USAFA but not USMA or USNA. Not all of it will be quantifiable. I know I didn't apply to Navy because I didn't want to serve on a boat. But I couldn't necessarily explain in terms that would 100% make sense to anyone why I didn't apply to Army. It's a personal thing, and they'll probably understand that.

    But I would try to explain a little. Is it the culture of the school/service? Opportunities you think will be available? Your perception of academic quality? I would suggest trying to find at least one quanitifable thing, because the "feeling right" may very well disappear some morning when you're falling asleep at attention, despite a splitting headache and sore feet. They say the reason you come isn't the reason you stay. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't have good reasons to come.

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