Will the USNA accept two nominations?

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by ommegang, Jul 5, 2017.

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    Jul 4, 2017
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    I just applied for two nominations from congress because I was unsure I would get one. In the unlikely chance I get both, would the USNA accept both? Thanks in advance!
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    Some get one. Some get multiple, such as Senator, Representative, Presidential, etc. All you need is one from one of the approved sources. Not a matter of USNA accepting. If you are in the fortunate position of having more than one, that gives USNA more flexibility when it comes to what nomination an appointment would be charged to way down the path. I hope you applied for every nom for which you are eligible.
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    Apply to both Senators, your district Representative, the Vice-President, and any others for which you may be eligible.
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    The whole nomination process works kind of like the Hunger Games, in the way that the more times you are entered into the raffle- the higher of a chance you have at getting selected. More nom apps= more entry chances

    Also, sometimes the nom is 'awarded' to 10 people on what is called a slate, in which the nominations board sends 10 names to USNA and tells them to pick for them.

    Sometimes there might be a weighted list of names as well, but works the same way as above.

    Other times there is only one recipient (think rural and low applicant pool) who might have a back up candidate as well.

    Or, it could be like the presidential one which a number of people recieve. I don't remember the number exactly but I believe it is on the order of 100 (?). This one as well as the VP work to check off the box- but I think they are treated a little differently.

    In MD, my state, the Senators and Congressmen communicate who their chosen nominees are so that no person can be double nominated to give a larger scope of candidates a chance. Just ask your representative about their procedures- also gives you a chance to develop a relationship with the person who could help get you to USNA.
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    As mentioned apply for every nomination you are eligible for. USNA will accept any nomination you receive. Read any sticky on the nomination source and USNA forum about nominations to get all the info.
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    USNA never denies nominations. You cannot get nominated by a congressman, senator, rotc unit, etc and have USNA tell you that they didn't accept the nomination.

    I, for one, was awarded three nominations for the last application cycle. You indeed should apply for and can possess multiple nominations simultaneously.