Wings of Honor

Cine Design Films still lists it as "In Production" on their web site.

The site also says it will be available there.
Just watched the movie trailer. If the documentary is anything like the trailer, should be a 'must see' for any potential future cadet.
I think its nifty I'm entering the squad that is filmed in there.
Does anyone have an update on the release of Wings of Honor? Checked out the website but it doesn't give any clues.
From what i've heard about the movie, it's following a few certain cadets who I believe will be graduating this year. They've purposely waited for the cadets to graduate (not just for the whole academy aspects) so that if there are any stupid things they might have done, it won't be held against them while they are at USAFA.
Yup, that's my squad (though shot before I got into it 3 dig year). I'll be sad to see those 09s leave, and some in that video are no longer here...
I just was lucky enough to speak with Mr. Husband, who said that the movie should be ready for release in 2012.
It sounds like an "Absolutely American" but filmed and of course, at USAFA. Can't wait!

I wonder if my favorite former Tiger 10 cadet will be in it?
Any new updates on this? I loved the trailer and can't wait to see it!
They were filming all last year for the movie. Should be coming out once they get production done and all that stuff.
One of their "stars" had CST with me this first summer period. They even filmed and interviewed her getting off the bus after the survival portion. Bet she loved that after 8 days without a shower :yllol:
They also filmed when '09 was there...
I'm hoping they will release it eventually.