Wondering what could help boost OML


Nov 7, 2018
I have a 3.8 GPA my first semester and recently received emails about honor society. I also just finished rushing into a fraternity. I know that a lot of the OML is GPA and PT based, but I was also wondering if holding a position on EC such as standards chair for the fraternity and being in Honor society would increase my OML points. Also the same with SGA. And if their is any other great point increases please let me know! Also how does ranger challenge and color guard points work? Do you get the full points if you do them for just one semester during your college career? And same for inter-murals and every other position/ achievement held. Thanks in advance!
Way more points are tied to GPA than anything else (other than APFT/ACFT). Focus on those and doing well to earn a top 15% ranking your MS3 year. OML is more tied to component vs branch in the future. The parts that make up the OML are important to branching (vs straight OML #).