1. A

    Why haven't I got results from October ROTC Board yet?

    I had my PMS Interview on October 21 for Army at my local college, and I have yet to receive any results regardless good or bad. This is the fourth week, and I have been told by some friends that results were sent out a while ago. My email is 100% correct, and I haven't gotten any updates (my...
  2. FØB Zero

    Transferring to State School (AROTC)

    Hey y'all, I have been very blessed to recieve a 4 year national scholarship for AROTC at a public Ivy. I am now a sophomore (2nd year) and am struggling academically after trying everything. I am concerned it will negatively and severely affect my OML points for commissioning. Money is tight...
  3. U

    Transferring Scholarship to State University

  4. B

    ROTC Board Selection - Make a Difference?

    Hi, I am just starting my application for ROTC scholarship. (ARMY) I understand there are three different deadlines (Board Selections), and that the first one is October 7th. I actually don't know if I'm able to complete my entire app/interview before that, but I might be able too. I heard that...
  5. FØB Zero

    Active Duty VS Reserves after graduation

    Hi! I’m an MS1 ROTC cadet who is contracted with a 4 year scholarship. I have looked into the differences between AD vs Reserves a little bit but would love to have y’all’s input and help explaining it a bit more. 1. What does being in the reserves look like right after commissioning? Like do...
  6. W

    Ranger Challenge--Worth it in the Long Run?

    Hey, everyone, MS1 Army ROTC cadet here. Just wanted to ask if Ranger Challenge is worth it in the long run. I did it this past year, and thought it was extremely overhyped and frankly not that hard. Certainly not worth taking almost a full week off of school. I go to a school with a very small...
  7. N

    AROTC Scholarship Application

    Hello everyone. I am currently a senior in high school and I will be graduating in about 2 months. I have just completed my PMS interview and entire application for an AROTC Scholarship for college. With that being said I have a few questions I was hoping someone could answer. Firstly, I...
  8. L

    Effect of Letters from Coaches

    I was wondering if anyone could speak to the impact that letters from coaches and other faculty have in the waiver process. I was just DQ'd for asthma past the 13th birthday and started the waiver process for Army ROTC. I have been very active in several sports, (especially endurance sports)...
  9. S

    Recently diagnosed with adhd, currently enlisted Army reservist.

    I was recently diagnosed with adhd, the psych recommends medication, as does my pcp. My ETS date is coming up soon and I honestly haven’t made my mind up on if I’ll reup or not these are my main concerns; 1: If I ets and decide to come back in at a later date, would the use of the medication...
  10. L

    Medically Processed, but boarded/under consideration

    The titles is what follows essentially.. I competed for the first board, but I did not get and therefore has since moved onto the January Board. however I received a DodMETS request and on the physical packet it stated “ROTC Scholarship Army” in the boxes for what it’s for. DoDMERB has since...
  11. H

    New Army ROTC October Board Results Thread

    Starting a new thread for results from the incoming October Board because the last one got flooded. Try to keep replies to just if you got a 3 or 4 year, and the university you plan on using it. Try to keep questions related to the board on a different or your own thread. Good luck everyone...
  12. H

    Army ROTC October Board Results Thread

    Starting a thread for results from the incoming October Board. Try to keep replies to just if you did/didn't get a scholarship, 3 or 4 year, and the university you plan on using it. Try to keep questions related to the board on a different or your own thread. Good luck everyone!
  13. US2021

    Cadet dating Enlisted

    My friend says she knows someone that she thinks would be a good match for me and she wants to set us up on a blind date. We’ve never had any contact yet, but she mentioned that the “potential date” is enlisted (a year older than me). As a plebe, is this permitted?
  14. K

    FTX, field equipment regulations

    I’m wondering for ROTC if cadets are allowed to wear war belts, I put away my ROTC issues FLC because the zippers, straps, and buckles are all jacked up. I brought a plate carrier and had it set up, looking pretty good right now, but I’m still trying to make the kit slim as possible since I...
  15. D

    Four-Year Scholarship awardee outside scholarship question

    If an out-of-state student in army ROTC received a four-year scholarship for arotc, are they able to receive full out-of-state tuition regardless of scholarship from other sources? For example, tuition would only cost the cadet 3k a semester after outside scholarships, but the cadet is an out of...
  16. M

    Cross Commissioning in ROTC

    I was wondering what the process of cross commissioning is like, or if it's even still possible. Most of the posts I've seen are older and links don't take you to the same pages anymore. Any updated advice on the subject would be appreciated. I.E going AROTC and commission Navy what it might...
  17. C

    DODMERB DQ for Knee Injury

    I'm a 4-Year AROTC national scholarship winner. I tore my meniscus playing soccer in April and got a partial meniscectomy at the start of May. I did my DODMERB exam in mid-June and was doing well enough to have no issues with mobility, but I was disqualified for having surgery within 3 months of...
  18. FØB Zero

    ROTC v USMA summer opportunities

    Hi, i was wondering if there are summer camps/opportunities that are strictly for USMA kiddos— I.e. Camp Buckner/CFT allows ROTC cadets based on merit, correct? What about air assault, etc.? If so, how competitive is it to get selected (from ROTC)?
  19. FØB Zero

    Boots (and comfort in them)

    Just got oakleys ~last week. First time I wore them they tore up the backs of my heels. Wore them again yesterday and they reopened the scabs. Is this normal when breaking them in? What can I do to prevent this/further blistering?
  20. FØB Zero

    How to be Successful and Stand out in AROTC

    Hi, Post YOUR input/opinions/advice! What can I do as a freshman and then in the next 3 years to standout and get a good rank? Anything from character/Integrity to academics… what should be prioritized etc. And what kind of cadets are most successful?