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Aug 5, 2008
Ok I've got several questions so any help would be greatly appreciated.

How important is the CFA. I've got the USAFA catalog in front of me, and I know it says that it is part of Admissions Panel 20%, but what would it do to my chances of receiving an appointment if I didn't do so well on it? I know I can take it multiple times, but I want to knock it out in one go so any advice on what I should be shooting for would be appreciated. (don't worry I know to shoot for my best)

Another question is where do I find the address for my school to mail in my transcripts? Do I just have them send it straight into the admissions office or is there a specific office or suite they should send it to?

Next question...what about grades? Currently I have a 3.94 unweighted GPA (three B's). I have been in my school's academic honors program and I am currently taking all IB core classes except for English (taking a college writing course for that one). I've heard that once you start getting close to a 3.85 it gets a little dicey, but where is the definitive point where I should start worrying?

Finally, is it possible to receive an appointment to attend the Air Force Academy then later have it rescinded before even entering? Besides obvious reasons like a felony, drugs, etc. is there anything that would disqualify or cause an appointee to lose his/her slot in the class of 2013 after being accepted?

Sorry for so many questions and thanks for you help answering them all. :thumb: I truly appreciate it.

One more thing. How hard is it to get a Presidential nomination? My dad is a retired with pay Air Force, Major O-4. How many people typically apply and receive a nomination. Isn't it about 100 per class?
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Let's go one by one

1. The CFA is very important. The AFA is concerned about it b/c of the altitude. You also don't get to submit your scores multiple times. You can take the test multiple times, but can only submit it once. The AFA can request you to re-take it, but don't count on that.

2. a 3.94 uw is good, but they also look at your class rank.

3. I believe the gc submits the transcript, but you need to double check on that

4. Your appt can be rescinded for multiple reasons, 1 is medically another is failing academically.

6. If you qualify for a presidential than you get the nom, but there are only 100 appts and typically about 400+ noms.

Apply for every nom you are qualified for, the more noms the greater chance the AFA can find you an appt.
Ok thanks. That clears up a lot. :smile:
One quick clarification:
So what you are saying, is that the president can nominate more people than he has slots for in a class, but it all comes down to who the Academy chooses to fill those slots that determines the final 100?
The president can only have 100 appts, he can nominate an unlimited amount. Again highest WCS gets the nom
how competitive are the ROTC noms? I know only 20 appts are reserved for this category
ROTC nom's are dependant upon the PAS at the individual units and the numbers assigned to AFROTC annually.

Pima's advice is very sound; heck, she should be an ALO.


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