Would a year at a civilian college be worth it?

Discussion in 'Nominations' started by robertj96, Apr 7, 2012.

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    I know that even if you have some college completed, if you enter the U.S. Naval Academy (or any U.S. Service Academy), you have to start from the beginning of the four-year program all over again. If I don't get a nomination to the U.S. Naval Academy or the Naval Academy Preparatory School right out of high school, would it be worth it to go for a year of college at a regular civilian school (and try to do NROTC), then try to get a nomination to the U.S. Naval Academy again the following year? Would a nominating official look at the student positively for their persistency? Would the nominating official take the academic work by the student in their year of college into consideration when reviewing the student's application? Thank you very much.
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    From my personal experience, my congressman was "impressed" I took a year and re-applied. Do I think it had any "final" bearing on my nomination? I don't think so; I had a really strong package.

    BUT...it certainly didn't hurt to be back in front of him and his staff and to be able to show them how I'd improved my test scores in that year, added to my academic credentials, and maintained and improved my fitness scores!

    I know that the USAFA (and I would believe the other SA's as well) look closely at college applicants and with a different take. You're now proving, provided you have a GOOD GPA in the tough courses (think full-load, courses like the first year at the SA) that you can do college work! That's what the SAT/ACT is for; to "predict!" You're now proving it.

    At USAFA we view college applicants differently: more mature, academics IN COLLEGE, etc...etc...and my MOC (I chair his USAFA board) also views college applicants the same way.

    But for the "true Blue" Navy answer, you should ask your B&GO!

    USAFA '83
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    Of course BGOs have very little sway over nominations, but a year of college taking and earning As and Bs in the recommended courses (chem w/lab, calculus, grammar/ composition, etc,) CAN make a big difference when you go before the board. This is especially true for candidates who do not test well and had poor SAT/ACT scores. As mentioned above, there are several other considerations that are favorably impacted by the college approach, including maturity, persistence, so on. Another possible benefit for USNA candidates is that the college effect may facilitate a mid's chances for qualifying for the graduate studies program (VEGEP). Not really many downsides to the college route; three of my plebe roomies had at least one year of college.

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