Would I have enough to get into West Point?

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    gpa- 4.69, senior in high school with all honors classes and take 5 college classes, I am in national honor society, rank number 7 out of 160 kids, play varsity tennis, in debate, crime stoppers, key club, precipitated in town beautifucation project, teacher tennis lessons, and has over 200 volunteer hours this year plus has already completed everything on West Point application and already turned in paper work for nomanation, I passed my fitness also , what chance does it look like that I might get appointment for West Point?
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    Feb 20, 2016
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    The process is too complicated for anyone to be able to give you an accurate assessment of your chances. The most important factor is your WCS score which is built from academic (60%), leadership (30%), and physical (10%) results .

    Academic: Top 5% of class - excellent in a very important statistic. You don't give test scores, which is probably the most important academic factor. Good GPA, but you don't say what courses. Math, English, Physics, and Chemistry are the most important.

    Leadership: Several activities, but no leadership positions listed.

    Physical: Only accounts for 10% so as long as you pass and are close to the average it won't help or hurt very much. A borderline pass or low score in an individual event may cause some concern.

    Spelling & Punctuation: Presumably, you edited your essays meticulously and performed well on the ACT/SAT Writing section. Nomination committees and admissions will look closely at the quality of your writing. Questionable writing in an otherwise solid application will be reviewed by the English Department - USMA English instructors are notoriously picky.
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    What @jl123 said. No one here can “chance you” because there’s too much we don’t know. But couple things for you to consider so you can “chance yourself”:

    — Go onto USMA website and find their latest class profile. You’ll see how you stack up on some basic stats, including the very critical SAT/ACT scores. If you’re in the middle 50% (or around the mean/median), that’s a promising sign.

    — The fact that you’re in top 5% of your high-school class is a good start. USMA will look at your school’s profile, along with your transcript, to determine whether you took the hardest classes your school has to offer. (Usually that’s AP calculus, chemistry, English, US history, etc., but if your school has limited AP offerings, you won’t be penalized for that.)

    Best wishes to you.
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    Race/ethnicity can/will play a role in your admissions process too. Geographical competition, or how many people in your area wants to apply and are competitive can/will also play a role.
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    Here is a class profile. Where do your stats fall in with the data points of these admitted Cadets? How many categories can you highlight?

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