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    Class of 2013 CBT is OVER!!!!!!

    whew! beast is over! and reorgy week hasn't even been that bad. congrats to everybody for getting through it. I'm in Hotel 2 now...Go Happy Deuces!
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    Asthma and the USMA

    cmccollum93: e-mail Mr. Mullen. He was my personal savior throughout the entire DODMERB process. I also had a history of asthma starting at age 13 but I managed to get a waiver and report in less than a week! There is hope. It took me 5 months to get through the whole process but results were...
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    What is the Minimum Requirements for Nomination

    your "requirements" will be determined by the strength of the people against which your vying for your nomination. if it's a strong pool, then your resume/GPA will have to be that much more impressive.
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    SLS and the interview

    like MChansard said, it just depends on your squad leader. my sgt started them on the second night we were there and went through a few people every night. it was a pretty casual interview; mine was done in grant hall while everybody was getting pizza. but from what i understand,this is...
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    Travel for R-Day

    oh and i have no idea where my dad got that price that I quoted above. mom3boys, where do you find that low rate? my dad can be sometimes partial to certain airlines and completely ignore others.
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    Travel for R-Day

    Only my dad's coming. He's already gotten a flight through delta and his using his own mileage. so i'm not using the overnight package thing. Just the government paid airline ticket. If all I got was the gov't ticket, when should I hear something about actually receiving the ticket and any...
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    Travel for R-Day

    K. i'd really appreciate some help with this. my parents are freaking out over whether they should purchase a $400 airline ticket and I need to be able to tell them something. What's the procedure here? Does west point simply send me a ticket in the mail? Do I need to call this travel agency to...
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    Low Quarters

    Point made :) did your son order his offline or from the base itself? if online, do you have any recommendations?
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    Low Quarters

    is it absolutely necessary to purchase low quarters before r-day? and do you necessarily have to purchase them on a military base? is there any other convenient place to purchase them besides offline? thanks!
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    Travel for R-Day

    so i've filled out all the information necessary for the "travel" part of the candidate portal. when are we supposed to hear anything on flight plans or tickets? Thanks!
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    when will receive our mailing address for beast?
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    What to bring - USMA SLS?

    you'll be issued a number of different items the first day you get there. as for what you get to keep, it'll include 3 t-shirts, 2 polos, a rain slicker, and a you'll want to leave a bit of room in your suitcase. this certainly is liable to change but that's how it went for me...
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    how long should parents make hotel reservations for A-Day? like how long will we be able to see them that weekend?
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    So now what?

    it took about 12 days from when i received the appointment package to when a link appeared on the portal. It's right under the CFA stuff.
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    Who Will Be There?

    Accepted my appointment last week. From South CArolina and look to major oin chemistry