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    Other Applicants from my High School

    There's another person from my high school applying to the AFA, same year as me. He's basically a shoe-in though, as both his parents are AFA Alumni, and he had good grades, etc.. I, however, don't have parents in the Air Force; does this automatically mean I won't get accepted? I also have good...
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    HS Junior Applying

    I'm a junior in high school, and I was told I can start applying for AFA on March 1st. I was wondering what I can do prior to that.. contact admissions counselor, contact my ALO (if so, how do I find them)? Should I just be focusing on boosting up my extracurriculars and grades, or is there more...
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    Calendar and Schedule

    I was wondering about the timing of BCT.. when does it start and end? Is anything else going on during that time (school, studies, etc.), how long does it last? Also, when do academic classes start and end, and how many breaks do cadets get throughout the year?
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    Grades Importance

    I have a high and competitive GPA, and I'm taking competitive classes, but my math grade happens to be my lowest. I want to major in aeronautical engineering, so I was wondering how bad it looks on my application that my math grade is my lowest grade (though it's an honor class). I have a lot of...
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    Double majors

    How would doubling majors affect daily life at AFA? It would require taking extra classes, and would make me busier between that and regular training, correct? Is it manageable, or is it something rarely done by AFA cadets?