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    Firstie Medically Separated & Class Ring Inquiry

    Tradition doesn’t hold up in a court unless it’s legal precedent. I won’t argue what is right/wrong in this particular case, I’m actually more interested in where this would actually fall from a legal/UCMJ standpoint if someone was ordered to return the ring and refused. (I don’t advocate for...
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    Firstie Medically Separated & Class Ring Inquiry

    I would be very interested to read about the legality of forcing someone to return something they have purchased. Is there a contract that cadets sign in regards to the ring? Who is the ring actually purchased from? (Eg does the cadet purchase directly from the school, or is it directly from...
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    Firstie Medically Separated & Class Ring Inquiry

    What happens if a West Point cadet accidentally loses their ring while at their house in a leave of absence status?
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    Cadet wanted to bring porn star to the ball

    Summary: Comments from those who have been mids/cadets: this is a non-news story that happens on a semi-regular basis. Many Others: the world is burning, that cadet is going to get in a lot of trouble/be a terrible officer
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    Forum app end-of-life

    Well shucks, but understand as things diverge.
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    Maximum Yearly Contributions to Both TSP IRA & Outside Roth- Separate & Independent?

    Increasing percentage of pay into retirement for military strategy: Every time congress authorizes a pay raise increase your contribution by 1-2%, depending on the raise amount. As an O1 I started at 10% contribution, every time we were authorized a 2% pay raise I increased my contribution by...
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    Maximum Yearly Contributions to Both TSP IRA & Outside Roth- Separate & Independent?

    Roth TSP is where it’s at for young folks. 19k (or 19,500 this year) in a Roth is awesome. For us active duty folks new to a matching program who plan to max the 19k just make sure to even it out so you don’t hit the limit early and miss out on the full 5% match for December pay period...
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    Multiple Sports

    In D3 sports where the recruiting budget nears zero the best thing to do is reach out to the coach. If your sport lends to video tapes, send them your tapes and info. If it’s more of a time-based sport (eg track, swim) send them your info and times.
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    Multiple Sports

    I would argue to let the person who is good enough to get accepted to the Academy try and then make the decision based on their own experience. There is minimal to lose from trying and a whole lot of “I wish I had tried” if one never does. D3 athletics is, in many respects, a whole different...
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    Multiple Sports

    Helpful, but incorrect. Several people play multiple varsity sports at KP. I know several women who played volleyball and basketball. There’s even a senior athletic award given to one soccer and one baseball player named after Kenny Graff who was a soccer and baseball player. The sea year...
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    I think it’s happened maybe once or twice in the history of the schools. Only one I know is a guy who went KP class of ‘01 to USNA ‘02 named Brian Higgins. Got accepted to USNA in the winter and stuck around KP until recognition and then left. Not sure if he graduated USNA or not.
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    Just For did you hear about SAF?

    Been around since day 1 as a small core migrated from a different site.
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    Army-Navy game: White Power hand symbol appears to be used during pregame broadcast

    May I suggest the movie “Waiting” for anyone with a teenagers sense of humor and a desire to see the “game” in action: Waiting...