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    Advice for HS Freshmen?

    Lots of tips so sorry if I repeat anything. I myself am also a Freshman... Make sure to go to the academy webpage and read through every single drop down and page there is. It will give you a great idea of what the academies are looking for. Plan ahead, but don't get too caught up with USMA...
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    Current cadet, ask me questions!

    How did you introduce yourself, in a more formal way or informal (relaxed) way? And I searched my area for FFRs and it says there are no active FFRs, do you know what I should do then?
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    Current cadet, ask me questions!

    Advice for high school freshman?
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    High school teacher evaluation

    just reading through these, you guys shouldn't have to wait this long, try to reach out to a college counselor or principal, or find a new teacher, if they are taking this long, then they obviously aren't showing an interest in your student.
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    West Point goes “test flexible”

    Is this supposed to be a question or PSA?
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    District competitiveness

    Couldn't have put it better, make sure to read as many pages, drop down, from the school you wish to attend. this will give you an upper-hand on what needs ti be accomplished. As well, plenty of cadets break down things you can do to be considered "A competitive candidate" on...
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    Letters of Recommendation

    I can't really say for sure, but I don't think it has to come from different people, and I believe can be the same LOA, so if your son has an English teacher he's fond of, I think you could use the same LOA for multiple applications. Good luck, 4 SAs and ROTC Apps, is gonna be a lot of work so...
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    Competitive District

    I know that I still have lots of time to prepare, as I;'m only a Freshman, but I live in a pretty competitive district, due to a a big Navy base in my district, I want to attend USMA, but will likely apply to USNa as well, anything I can do to make myself a more competitive candidate than the...
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    New Member

    Just as @justme said, any advice for Freshmen? I'm considering USMA as my primary, but will most likely apply to USNA as well, do you regret not going to USMA, and if you don't mind me asking why you didn't attend?
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    No, it's a private school, on the smaller side, so not surprised. The one that I'd like to join but likely won't be able to is an Honor Unit. But if that doesn't work out, there's one at another high school, 30 mins away that I'll likely join.
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    How "good" does your CFA have to be to help with your WCS?

    As jl123 said, the CFA is weighted as 10% of the WCS calculation, according to a study done, I don't know when but observing the classes of 2997-2001, Admitted/Offered and Reject, here's what it said about the CFA score points. "Athletic Activity Level Points An outstanding athlete...
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    Hello again, This time with a 2025 hopeful.

    Any advice, from a parental point of view, for high school? I'm headed into my Freshman year and want to go to USMA. Also, how did your daughter and/or son approach you about attending? I'm not sure how open my parents are to the idea of me going to USMA, and don't really know how to approach...
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    Current Cadet - AMA

    Not 2025 applicants 2028, but any advice for High School? As well, what were your community service hours like? Did you do it through one or two organizations or a lot of them? Was it something you felt really important to you, or just getting what you needed done?
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    High School class of 2024

    There's no topping that. ^ I'm also in 2024, start to find sports that you enjoy, try to make varsity. I don't know what you're school size is, mine has around 150 kids per HS class. I'm on my LAX Varsity team. Eventually, I'm gonna become captain. Look into issues that you find important and...