1. J

    AFA Asthma Waiver

    So I had a Methacholine challenge test on Wednesday and just finished a PFT today. The Methacholine test was negative with only a change of -7% on the final dose and the PFT showed a best of 72% FVC/FEV1 ratio before albuterol (in a previous test it showed me hitting 74% before albuterol) and...
  2. H

    Other Applicants from my High School

    There's another person from my high school applying to the AFA, same year as me. He's basically a shoe-in though, as both his parents are AFA Alumni, and he had good grades, etc.. I, however, don't have parents in the Air Force; does this automatically mean I won't get accepted? I also have good...
  3. birdwatcher4125

    CFA re-take for USAFA?

    I read somewhere on this forum that the AFA will only accept one passing CFA score submittal. Once they've got a passing CFA score in the candidate queue they won't allow an improved re-take score to be re-submitted to replace the original passing score. Does anyone know if this is this true...
  4. Q

    Re Congressional Nomination not showing up on AFA portal

    My DD won his slate from our district congressman, but it is not showing up in the AFA portal. My son has emailed his admissions rep at least four times inquiring about it and the rep does not answer. He has applied to USNA and USMA as well and it shows up in their portal. I am afraid that...
  5. R


    Is the NROTC AFA pass/fail? If you fall into the High Good - Outstanding range, will you be ok as far as the fitness test goes? Or is it similar to the USNA CFA where you need to be above average athletically?
  6. K

    PFA-Air force and Navy ROTC application assessment

    Hello, I have completed everything on my NROTC and AFROTC applications besides the PFA. Since I'm a dual enrollment student I have not attended my high school for a couple of years and I don't know any of the PE teachers. I see that on the AFROTC AFA it says that it must be a high school...
  7. JGreenberg1191

    NROTC Navy Option Notified

    I just checked the portal this morning, and I was not awarded the scholarship. I was rather surprised considering my credentials: 700 SAT equivalents on both sections, 3.9 GPA, 3 AP classes (all other classes were honors), very impressive results on my AFA, and I was admitted into both my #1...
  8. B

    Anyone from Tennessee recieved appointment yet?

    The Tennessee nominations just went out so TN should find out soon who got into AFA. Has anyone gotten notice if they received an appointment?
  9. E


    DoDMERG sent me an email and said I have 10 days to complete it or my approval would be withdrawn. My eye doctor and medical exam appointments were scheduled after that 10 day period. Will my approval still be withdrawn? What should I do?
  10. nomo1316

    past injuries

    hello! I am a current student in high school and I'm looking for some advice on restrictions on admission regarding injuries. I am aware of many handbooks but just some blurry areas I want to clear up. I had broncho-spasms diagnosed at a young age. I grew out of my inhaler in a very short...