arotc application

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    Help with the AROTC Essays & understanding my competitiveness.

    I am writing my AROTC essays, and I am unsure how to format my answer to the question below. Should I write in terse sentences with lots of numbers that get my point across quickly and efficiently? Should I be more descriptive and paint a picture of a week in my life? I know what I want to say...
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    PFT vs Athletic experience

    Hey all, To start I believe I am a fairly strong candidate for the AROTC scholarship. I have a 4.06 weighted and 3.9 unweighted gpa, as well as lettered in baseball and football while being a captain for my baseball team. I am also a cadet officer in my Navy JROTC program. I also have some...
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    Likelihood of Recieving AROTC scholarship, and any reccomendations?

    Im applying for a 4 year scholarship for AROTC and have only found conflicting information, was wondering if anyone can help me determine my chances for receiving a scholarship. If not chances then comparison to average winner. GPA: 3.8 UW SAT:1290 (taking one again tomorrow expecting a higher...
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    Are students selected for AFROTC scholarships at specific schools or in general, for any school?

    Hey Everyone, I thought that AFROTC offered general/universal scholarships, meaning the acceptance into ROTC was independent of the school the recipient attended (of course, the school would have to offer an AFROTC program); however, in my scholarship application, the Air Force asked me to...