AROTC Reserve Component


Sep 8, 2016
I have a questions about commissioning Reserve component, after ROTC. After being accepted by a Reserve or Guard unit, during the time between, ROTC commissioning, and Basic Officers Leadership Course, does the newly commissioned Lieutenant train with their unit, to include the 14 or 15 day Annual Training during the Summer?
Possibly. But generally you will complete Phase I of BOLC as a cadet before commissioning. After commissioning, you'll proceed to Phase II of BOLC or other specialized training for your MOS and this would qualify for your Annual Training during Year 1. It may happen in the summer after you commission or it may not happen until the fall. In many cases it depends on funding and if the Reserve or Guard unit has funding has funds that late in the Fiscal Year (FY). If you have to wait until the new FY (Oct 1), you might start drilling with your unit in the summer until you go to Phase II and then you would then continue drilling monthly with that unit after Phase II. If it's after Oct 1, this would then qualify as your Annual Training for the next FY. Sometimes there are opportunities for additional training or an additional 2 weeks on an exercise if there are needs for your MOS or other schools which you qualify for. Again, it depends on your Unit, their funding and the time you have to devote to it.
There are no “phases” to BOLC anymore...If you are in the Guard or Reserves you belong to them until you go to your Basic Officer Leaders Cours (BOLC). You’ll do everything they do, short of deploying until you go to BOLC.