candidate visit weekend

  1. A

    What does CVW look like? Snacks?

    Hello all, I hope you are doing well. I am here to inquire about CVW. From those that have attended or have DD/DS that have: what should I expect outside from CVW of what is listed on the website? ( Out of curiosity, how are the midshipmen that take students...
  2. W

    Candidate Visit invitation only?

    Hello, I was wondering if a candidate visit weekend where you drag a midshipman is an invitation only event or not. Thanks!
  3. USNAismyplace

    CVW Schedule

    I am attending CVW January 25th to 27th, and I was wondering what the schedule for the visit is like. I know that I will be "dragged" by a current plebe, and I am so excited! In terms of my schedule though, all I know from my CVW email and the online information is the check-in and check-out...
  4. usafadreams

    CVW Workout - Worried

    I was really excited to be offered an opportunity to attend a CVW at the Naval Academy. I'll be there later this week. But, I know we get the chance to work out with the midshipmen on Saturday morning and I'm worried I'm going to fail and that will go badly on my record. When my dad was doing...
  5. ktnatalk

    January Candidate Visit Weekend

    For those who attended CVW (parents and candidates), especially those departed this morning, how was your experience? What do you think when you see the firsties wearing their future uniforms based on their service selection on "warrior friday", and soon to be SWOs even wearing the ballcap of...
  6. S

    What to bring to CVW

    Suggestions on what to bring to the CVW? Website has a brief list, but are there any other items anyone would recommend?