What does CVW look like? Snacks?


Sep 25, 2023
Hello all, I hope you are doing well. I am here to inquire about CVW.

From those that have attended or have DD/DS that have: what should I expect outside from CVW of what is listed on the website? (https://www.usna.edu/CVW/index.php)

Out of curiosity, how are the midshipmen that take students on CVW selected? Are they assigned or do they volunteer?

Also, what snacks do the midshipmen like? :) I hope to bring some for the student that has to take me along... how much is appropriate?
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There are 100s of threads about CVWs. Recommend you use the search function and check them out. It’s a mix, some volunteer and some are voluntold. You will meet Mids who are nothing but negative and some that are nothing but positive. Mids have good and bad days just like everyone else. They are currently coming out of 6 week exams. For Plebes, the newness is wearing off. It’s becoming darker earlier. Colder. Thanksgiving still feels like a lifetime away. Talk to Mids of every year, they have different views. Focus on seeing yourself there and what day to day life is.
Current plebe that hosted a CVW a few weeks back. Our company will get assigned a certain amount of drags and then our Ops Officer will ask for volunteer plebes before assigning us. We usually have enough volunteers cause hosting a drag means you get carry-on.
I've garnered the following advice from the forum and my students over the years. Here are few pointer for CVW, if you attend:
  1. Bring homework (or SAT prep) so you don’t annoy your Plebe when she/he has to study.
  2. Dress so you don’t stand out. No logos or bright colors. Khakis and collared shirt (or similar) for arrival and class. Good walking shoes to walk quickly from pt A to B. NO NAVY gear!
  3. Be prepared - pack gym clothes, swimsuit, layers for weather and varying indoor/outdoor temps.
  4. Bring a good attitude, have fun, ask (good) questions and make a good impression (but don't try too hard) ... you might want to bring some cool snacks to share with your hosts and other Plebes.
  5. Don't be offended by any nicknames, as the mids wil refer to you as "a drag" or "their drag" or similar.
  6. TRAFFIC is ugly around USNA so anticipate issues arriving on time and plan accordingly!
I hope you enjoy CVW!
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