cfa fail

  1. A

    CFA Performance

    Hello, I am a rising high school senior preparing my application for the USAFA. As I'm training for the candidate fitness assessment, I'm starting to doubt that I can get sufficient results from my fitness levels. I know I still have time to prepare, but in the worst-case scenario, would scoring...
  2. C

    CFA Fail Help!

    Hi All! I took my CFA this morning and thought I did decent. I know I can push harder. I was asked to retake it, and now I'm just putting in everything I have to get where I need to be. My scores are below. I know my mile needs to be under 8 minutes, but any tips for the other sections...
  3. Long-Shot

    CFA rejected. Where should I improve most?

    Hello all. I am a 17 year old male and I've taken my CFA twice, rejected both times. This recent one was rejected even after I improved quite a bit from my original. Does anyone know where I need to improve most? Scores (this is the second score, my most recent one) B-Ball Throw: 42-43 ft...
  4. A

    Failed First CFA- Offered Retake, Now What?

    Hello. The title says it all. I took the CFA today and failed it, I assume, because they sent me an email saying they want me to retake it in 30 days. I’m not sure what to do, because they don’t give minimums. My run was bad, but all my other scores were decent, or so I thought. Do they offer...
  5. S

    CFA Failure

    What are the passing standards for the CFA? I sent in the following scores and the CFA was rejected for low scores. I am a male BB: 65 ft Pull-up: 8 Shuttle: 9.1 Push up: 38 Sit up: 53 Mile: 8:03
  6. F

    CFA question

    Hello. I'm a male and am preparing for the CFA. However, the CFA is really worrying me. The rest of my application is pretty strong with 1490 SAT (800 Math) top 5% in my class, college AP and honors classes, lots of leadership, clubs, volunteer activities, and I'm a competitive swimmer and...
  7. C


    I have a question about the CFA. I am a female and this cycle I took the CFA twice. With my 2nd time scores as follows : basketball throw 46 ft, flex arm hang 38 seconds, shuttle run 9.3 seconds, push ups 44, sit ups 98, but my mile was 10:30. I have always struggled with running. I technically...
  8. S

    I think I'm going to fail my CFA. Any advice?

    I only started looking at the West Point process in October. I had never really thought about it, but a school counselor recommended the school to me after hearing I was going into the Army. I have never been a physically fit individual. In middle school, I was clinically obese. I've made a lot...
  9. F

    CFA scores & retake

    Hello all, I just took my CFA over the weekend and got notified to retake it. Here's the scores from last time: Basketball throw: 42, 41, 43 Pull ups: 5 Shuttle Run: 9.83, 10.15 Sit ups: 49 Pushups: 38 Mile: 7:30 For reference, I'm a male so I know these scores are on the lower end. I have till...
  10. Y

    Can LOA be revoked based on CFA?

    Hello, I have recently received an LOA for USMA not too long ago, but still, something troubles me. So for context, I only have my statements, nomination, medical qualification, and CFA scores left on my application for me to input. The only part that I am slightly worried about is the CFA. I...
  11. FØB Zero

    Basketball throw (F)

    Does anybody know how 28 ft is scored for females? I did well in all other areas, so should I retake solely bc of this weak section?
  12. h^2

    Female CFA (basketball throw?)

    I’m applying to USNA class of 2024 and my cfa score are below: b-ball throw:29ft pull-ups: 5 Shuttle: 10.6s sit-ups: 66 push-ups: 50 mile: 6:40 My basketball throw seems unusually low and after finding a video i realized i didn’t use the best form to maximize my distance (i didn’t really use my...
  13. R

    CFA-Basketball Throw

    I took my CFA and passed all events except for the basketball throw. I threw 49 ft. I was authorized a retake almost immediately after my first test. I have been practicing the basketball throw and have gotten up to 58 ft. I was wondering if this is passable?
  14. J


    Hey! I took my CFA recently, and I'm worried about two of my scores. I had to do a flexed arm hang and could only stay up for 15 seconds, and my mile time was like 8:22. However, I hit the average for the basketball throw and push ups, and I maxed out sit ups. My shuttle run was a little slow...
  15. Bird35A

    Terrible CFA scores...

    Hello, I just did my CFA today and I think I did pretty terrible (female BTW)... Is there anyway I could still get in? BB Throw; 30 feet Flexed Arm Hang; 9 seconds (awful, I know) Shuttle Run; 10.5 seconds Sit Ups; 53 Push-Ups; 14 Mile Run; 8:44 I've only been training for like 10 days (I...
  16. R

    CFA concern/question

    I'm a female candidate at USNA, and after searching this site for weeks, I can't find anyone answering one of the specific questions I have. (If it has been answered somewhere else, please link me to the thread.) I took my CFA in late September and submitted it to USNA. I was relatively pleased...
  17. M

    CFA Retake

    I just received word that I need to retake the CFA by November 27th and am scared, here are my precious scores that I just received (I do believe that I can perform much better on the mile because when I took it I was sick and had to run in 25 degree weather while it was snowing) I think that I...
  18. chrisrcollege

    Poor CFA Scores

    Hello everyone, I am a Cross Country, Track & Field, and PT team member. I'm varsity for both Cross and a Track, and have very strong PT scores. Yesterday I took my CFA with my JROTC instructor... I did awful. Pull Ups: 6 (couldn't do the seventh fully) Bball Throw : 58 feet Push Ups : 46 Sit...
  19. U

    CFA's weight in application

    Hello, is there any chance of being offered an appointment if every aspect of the application is extremely strong (4.0 gpa, 30 ACT, president of NHS, officer of SADD club, Officer of Peer Leaders, Yearbook editor, science team member, Cross country and Track all 4 years, good letters of rec...