1. gonavy__

    NAPS/CGAS ‘25!

    To those going to NAPS/CGAS next year or parents of future Napsters: me and a few others have a group chat on Snapchat, if you or your DS/DD would like to be in it, PM me with your Snapchat and Instagram. We are trying to get as many people as possible!
  2. L

    CGAS Waitlist

    Hey all! I’ve been lurking on the forums but never made an account; I figured this would’ve been a good time! This year would be my last chance at getting into the academy, but I was given a CGAS waitlist opportunity. I know some years are worse than others for numbers, but I didn't know what...
  3. B

    CGAS Waitlist Help

    Hi! My DD was offered waitlist for the CGAS program on 4/1. She accepted immediately, and today she received an email requesting she complete the DoDMERB medical exam. There was no time frame listed. Is there a time frame to complete this? Also, is this a good sign? Not sure what this means for...
  4. A

    Undecided Major?

    Good morning, I'm a soon to be cadet candidate for CGAS 2023 and hopefully future class of '28. I am really torn between 3 academic majors, and I don't know what would be best for my career. Preferably, I want to stay on the operational/leadership side of things, do an ice breaker tour, and...
  5. G

    Coast Guard Academy Scholars CGAS Prep Calendar Schedule

    Would someone post what the Coast Guard Academy Scholars "CGAS" Prep Calendar Schedule looks like? Does the school calendar year mirror the academy's? My understanding is CGAS student report to the academy for the first 3 weeks of Swab summer, but then what? Do you then travel to the prep...
  6. G

    USCGA Cadet Pay ?

    So I am hoping someone can clear this up for me. (Please forgive my ignorance, I only recently learned cadets are paid a stipend of sort.) So I have heard few conflicting things: * Cadets are paid a e-2 pay rate * Cadets are paid 35% of O-1 pay grade * other varied pay grades (are any of these...
  7. G

    Self Prep in lieu of CGAS

    Wondering if someone can post what the CGAS curriculum is comprised of. Is there higher math, like Calc, Differential Equations, Complex Analysis? If one were to self prep I would think it would make sense to mirror the actual CGAS curriculum. A conflict I have is I have a full scholarship to...
  8. N

    May 15 Waiver Deadline?

    I am a USCGA Scholars conditional appointee and I have had a waiver in the works for about a month now. I have heard of a May 15th waiver deadline thrown around on this forum and I was wondering if anybody knows the validity of that date.
  9. E

    CGAS/Application Question/Help

    First off, some backstory. Last year, I applied to the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. I ended up on the waitlist for CGAS. I never got off the waitlist, and in reality I'm very lucky that I was not outright rejected as I had no medical on file (I was in a tough spot and chose to enlist ASAP instead...
  10. P

    USCGA Office Hours?

    Does anyone know if the USCGA Admissions office is open on the weekend? I have been trying to get in contact with LT Rivera for a few days, but I have not been able to reach her. I sort of have an urgent situation, which is why I am asking.
  11. P

    Enlistment Contract vs Waitlist

    I recently found out that I have been waitlisted for the CGAS program. I understand that decisions for the waitlist may be available after May 1st. This normally would not be a problem, except that I have an enlistment contract with a ship date of April 29th. I understand that I will most...
  12. P

    Waitlist Coast Guard Academy Scholars Program

    I have just recently been informed I have been waitlisted for the CGAS program. I'm very lucky to have gotten this far, as I did not even think I would have a substantial chance of even being considered. Can anyone provide information about last year's CGAS waitlist and the chances of getting...
  13. No1Fanof2

    CGAS school selections

    DD was notified yesterday. Check your emails and portals.
  14. F

    CGAS appointees

    I was appointed to CGAS and now that we are past the May 1st deadline, I want to see who else has accepted appointments to Scholars.