CGAS/Application Question/Help


Jul 24, 2019
First off, some backstory. Last year, I applied to the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. I ended up on the waitlist for CGAS. I never got off the waitlist, and in reality I'm very lucky that I was not outright rejected as I had no medical on file (I was in a tough spot and chose to enlist ASAP instead of pursuing the medical-I basically gave up to a degree and didn't believe USCGA would come through--probably a stupid decision, I know).

Now I'm re-applying this year, and of course, I got everything completed on time.

How might this scenario factor into the academy's decision to offer me an appointment? I suspect that even though I did my best to mirror an engineering curriculum with straight A's, my SAT/ACT scores could have definitely been better, and may ultimately factored into a decision to CGAS.

Additionally, how is it that many applicants might be outright rejected, but someone without a medical can get a waitlist spot for prep school?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.