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    Naval Academy vs Coast Guard Academy

    I am a high school senior, and have recently been accepted to USNA and USCGA for the Class of 2027. I am very excited about the prospect of attending one of these schools, but I cannot figure out which is best for me. Coast Guard seems to have a great familial atmosphere and exciting summer...
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    Apply to USCGA while under NROTC Scholarship in Freshman year of College

    I am currently a highschool senior applying to the Coast Guard Academy with a backup being the NROTC scholarship. If I do not receive an appointment to USCGA yet I receive an NROTC Scholarship would I be able to still apply/attend the Coast Guard Academy during my freshman year of college?
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    Book available on CG Academy, Swab Summer, AIM

    I am the parent of a Coast Guard ensign who recently graduated from the Coast Guard Academy. I just wrote a book called "Coast Guard Academy - A User's Guide" to help potential applicants, AIM-sters, swabs, cadets, and their families understand the academy. It's available on Amazon in kindle...
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    For those who were admitted into the Service Academies or attended them can you share your GPA, CFA score, and Stats so that everyone else can have

    For those who were admitted into the Service Academies or attended them can you share your GPA, CFA score, and Stats so that everyone else can have an Idea of the average scores to point at, thank you in advance for your precious help! :D
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    Strabismus medical history

    I have a history of strabismus (crossing of the eyes). I have had a strabismus surgery twice in the last 3 years (in 2018 at 15 years old & in 2020 when I was 17 years old). My last surgery was just now a year ago. Since the last surgery I have not had any issues with double vision, only at the...
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    Early Action Decision Notification Time

    Does anybody know what time of day the Academy would be sending out notifications? I find myself checking my email WAY to often waiting for the email. It would be nice to know if there’s a typical time they send it out so that way I know if I didn’t get it at that time to just wait until the...
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    Looking into USCGA... Careers After Grad?

    Howdy y’all, Yesterday I started looking into USCGA as my plan B and I’m already starting to really like it :popcorn1: (maybe it will turn in to plan A?) I am interested in the “drug interdiction” career, but would like to get a better idea of their duties as officers. Are there traveling or...
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    Enlistment Contract vs Waitlist

    I recently found out that I have been waitlisted for the CGAS program. I understand that decisions for the waitlist may be available after May 1st. This normally would not be a problem, except that I have an enlistment contract with a ship date of April 29th. I understand that I will most...
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    Waitlist Coast Guard Academy Scholars Program

    I have just recently been informed I have been waitlisted for the CGAS program. I'm very lucky to have gotten this far, as I did not even think I would have a substantial chance of even being considered. Can anyone provide information about last year's CGAS waitlist and the chances of getting...
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    USCGA Admission Chance

    Hello Internet, I have just completed my USCGA application and wanted to know where I stand as of this point. My High School GPA is 3.9, I have taken at least four AP, or Honors Classes each year. I am apart of the Mountain Bike and Golf teams. My ACT is 31 (English-25 Math-28 Reading-36...