1. P

    First-class Cadets Discharge, has anyone gone to serve enlisted after graduating from the academy?

    Has anyone refused to accept a commission after graduating from the air force academy? Did that person serve as enlisted or were they forced to pay back expenses? The webpage says "First-class cadets who complete the entire academic program...
  2. P

    What would it happen if a commissioned officer relinquished citizenship?

    If an academy graduate relinquishes US citizenship and assumes other citizenship, how will the government enforce military obligation service? After all that person could not be commissioned since will no longer be a citizen, and even more could not be enlisted because he would be outside the...
  3. Kabobthebob

    How can someone be committed this early?

    Hello all, I recently say someone from my school and grade being congratulated on social media for being committed to the Navy for 2024 and I am very happy for them. I have never talked to this person but I know that they are very good at their sport and I believe this may be a factor. I am...
  4. SeanM


    Hello, I am posting here in hope to have some closure as to what will most likely happen regarding my current situation. If there is any insight on what may happen then please feel free to post below. I am not trying to get super personal, i am just seeking information. (cheers) Here is some...
  5. C

    VMI Final H.S. Transcript

    The document submission deadline to commit to VMI is May 1st. However, one of the documents I have to submit is my final H.S. transcript. Problem is, my final H.S. transcript won't be ready by May 1st. Thoughts? Is anyone else in the same dilemma?
  6. J

    Apprehensive about the future

    Hello All, I am a sophomore cadet currently in AFROTC not on scholarship. I originally entered college on a 4 year technical scholarship, however, I ultimately decided that a technical degree was not in my best interest academically and dropped the scholarship just before the start of this...